Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Murphy's Law #6957

I should just call this blog "Murphy's Law" because the absolutely PERFECT crib we picked out for the baby's nursery, complete with changing table is being RECALLED because apparently the slats break and kill babies.


We've put in our paperwork, and we are getting a new crib. But they are taking their dang time of course and he'll probably be OUT of the crib before we get a replacement. And the new one better match, because I'm anal and I like things to MATCH.

So, yesterday was interesting. We had a really strong storm blow through about 8:40, and the power promptly went out. It was a fantastic lightning storm, and it was very dark, because the sun was compltely obscured--but my kids, being the ninnies they are, were "scared" and had to have blankets and snacks and flashlights as he "hung out" on the first floor. (The basement was too dark with the power out, even though we have wall-to-wall windows, go figure)

I call ed the power company, and they said my power would be on by 10:30. I could handle that. So we hunkered in.

The first couple of hours were OK--we played board games, UNO, etc. But by NOON, when the power was still OFF, they were OVER IT, and bored out of their minds. No TV, no Wii, couldn't go outside because of the storm, they've already read all their books, yadda yadda yadda etc. etc. etc. UGH UGH UGH.

I was ready to tear my hair out when about 1:00--lo and behold--the power snapped back on. Of course after that we didn't know what to do with ourselves, and the day had been wasted, so we had lunch and had to go to Tennis lessons, which weren't cancelled. But Thing One's softball game did get cancelled.

What a day. I did get my 1000 words in on my story last night, though. I've put only the counter for that story up, because right now, it's my sole writing focus until I get it finished. One thing at a time seems to work the best for me, I've found. It goes against my ADD nature, but I'm trying.

Today we have the sprinkler people coming because I "accidentally" knocked the nozzle off the top of the air pump with the lawn mower (hey, it's STICKING A FOOT OUT OF THE GROUND!) and now we have no water pressure and our sprinklers look like they're peeing. I've already run to the cleaners and turned in 14 shirts and 15 pairs of pants (I joked with her and told her I needed them tomorrow and for a moment she thought I was serious--heh heh I loved the look on her face!) and I have to still run to the grocery store because I'm down to two diapers, and Thing Four is making grunting sounds as I'm typing.



Anonymous said...

Lara! LOL on being bored because the power was out....that's when I hand the kids a mop bucket, a mop a sponge and bathroom cleaner and say, "Go do chores." That tends to cure the boredom blues right away.

Sprinklers. Sigh.

Hugs on the crib. Could that be any more frustrating?

You probably shouldn't torture the dry cleaner....they are in charge of your clothes, after all.

How did you feel about softball being canceled? I would think Thing One needed the runnin' around time.

Oh, yay for words. Words are good.

Lynn Sinclair said...

Kind of scary when they recall the crib you've been using. Although blackouts can be fun, it's always surprising to discover just how much we rely on power for our entertainment.

Lowa said...

I am commenting on your post from yesterday. Perhaps your son had a premonition and you ARE pregnant, you just don't know it yet, right?? It happens. So he may not be lying, you know??

CUTE bowling set! My kids would have LOVED THAT!

Have you seen Wall E yet? I have seen it three times! LOL

Michelle Miles said...

Well, at least the power finally came back on, eh?

I'm still in class today but I have to admit...it's kinda fun!

Lara said...

Laura, bite your tongue!



Lowa said...


I knew I could get you with that:)

Seriously though. It happens. Kids are totally in tune to stuff.

It has happened to a few people close to me and I am thinking perhaps even myself?? LOL That goes to show you how bad my memory is, eh?