Thursday, July 17, 2008


My house is officially sparkling clean, from top to bottom. It only took TWO FULL DAYS.

YUCK. And my shoulder is killing me again.

I have family here, but they're still asleep. I am excited because I take them to the airport later today, and I get to WRITE TONIGHT.

Although I am tempted to do other things--a good friend of mine sent me the book "PRINCESS BEN" yesterday, and it looks like a read that is right up my alley--but I am determined to get that word count up a little. This weekend will be reading time!

Happy Thursday, all!


Anonymous said...

LOVE that picture.

You clean WHILE the company is there? I've been doing it wrong. I always clean BEFORE they get here. Huh. I like your plan better.

"Nope, can't argue with you tonight, mil, got to clean the bathrooms!"

Michelle Miles said...

Princess Ben so totally rocks. You will love it. :)

Now... I'm going to brew a pot of coffee and get to writing tonight!

Lara said...

Actually, I was done at 6pm last night, and the family descended at 7 pm.

I think I would seriously die if my relatives saw my house in any state of dissaray...