Monday, July 14, 2008

I'm a Terrible Mother.

Status: Resigned to the fact that I'm a terrible mother. OR that I need to start WRITING THINGS DOWN!!!

Okay, so, I'm one of those people who, if I don't write it down, I won't remember it. It will be gone gone gone, like the wind. I'll never think on it again, unless magically, some random image or visual triggers a memory and I gasp and think "Wait a minute...wasn't I supposed to...?"

Yeah, that's me. Sad, isn't it?

So, Thing One's volleyball camp was starting this week. She was so excited. I signed her up for it months ago, and this morning, I got on the computer, to check the time and verify the location, and...


We completely missed it. Or rather, I completely spaced it. Now, normally, I wouldn't miss something this big. This is HUGE. I broke the news to her this morning, and she took it quite well, but she's very disappointed. And I'm re-evaluating my time management skills. Or rather, my inability to WRITE THINGS DOWN.

Hubby is on to me. Every morning, he'll say "Okay, remember, today you need to call so-and-so, and mail such-and-such" and I'll roll my eyes at him and tell him to shut up and he says "But honey, you won't remember."

And he's right. (He doesn't read this blog so I guess I can confess that.) I won't remember, because I get BUSY during the day. I'm running here and there. I'm refereeing between two boys who, for some reason, are just fine one moment and the next they want to rip each other's hearts out. And I have a 14-month old. And a ten year old daughter who is my shadow and is constantly asking me questions and wanting to "chat" and asking me if I'll do such-and-such with her.

You see how a person can forget certain things.

Well, I have a Franklin, I should just USE it. I have it here in front of me, and I need to WRITE THINGS DOWN. That's my new mantra: Write it down, write it down...


wfbdoglover said...

That happened once to me.... not as big as volleyball camp. Sorry about that... but if you were such a terrible mother, your daughter would not have taken it so well.. so that can be your positive out of your negative... ^5 on the parenting skills!!

Anonymous said...

I use a PDA/Smartphone to keep track of EVERYTHING. It's like an external hard drive for my brain.

We sync to iCal, so all the kids know that if something doesn't go into iCal and get on MY calendar, it doesn't happen (I missed MY golf lesson last week because I had the wrong time down--pfft). It's also my phone, so it's with me all the time. And I"m really starting to rock with the tasks list. One thing I've noticed, by entering everything, when things get too overwhelming, I can make choices about what really needs to get done.

And I get a little thrill on days like today that are totally unscheduled outside the house. I might finally get to that mending pile that's been staring at me for MONTHS. Hopefully, most of the clothes won't still fit the boys and we can just toss 'em.

Anonymous said...

I have a desk blotter calendar that I keep over the desk, because if it's not in front of my face, it won't happen.

The fact that the camp never called to find out where she was last week doesn't give me a lot of confidence in them, either.

Plan to do something special with her -- I'm sure because there are more boys than girls in the house, she sometimes feels outnumbered and overlooked.

It'll be fine, and, knowing you, you'll make sure it never happens again.


Michelle Miles said...

I use the calendar in Outlook and set up reminders because if I don't, I won't remember. And I write them down in my planner. Otherwise, I'm like you - GONE!

PS You're not a bad mother, just a busy one!

Lowa said...

Well, you would think they could have reminded you,right?? Will they refund your money or can they get your daughter into another one??

I find it odd that they did not remind you in some way. When she didn't show up, could they have called you??

A few years ago I took my son for a post-op appointment with his surgeon way down in Seattle. I got the day wrong, but at least I was a day EARLY. We just got a treat and drove home and then went back the NEXT DAY. Dragging all of the kids with me AGAIN.