Friday, July 18, 2008

It's Friday? It's FRIDAY!!!

Where did this week go? Oh yeah, I was cleaning for TWO days of it. Can you say Time Suckage?

Hubby is back from the All-Star Game in New York. Of COURSE he was rooting for the Yankees, and don't worry, he had seats rightnextto the Bleacher Creatures. How cool is that?

It's raining right now. Hubby called after he left for work, because he heard on the radio we're supposed to get flash flooding starting at noon until about four today. FUN. I really don't mind storms, it just kinda sucks when the power goes out. I've pulled in the potted plants, covered the pool, and now I'm sort of wishing we hadn't watered last night, but oh well.

I got some WORDS in last night! Not anything to write Mom about, but I also finished my "rough" drawing of the dig site in Mexico. Most of the action takes place there, and my characters go from place to place, so I had to sketch it out so I could keep it consistent. Now I know where everything is.

I broke down and ordered a new hard drive on Ebay for my old laptop. It's a Sony Viao laptop, and its only five years old, so I could totally use it. It was my first ever--a Mother's Day gift in 2003. So I'm sorta attached to it. And I had wiped the hard drive and only reinstalled a few things on it when it went kaplooey. (Yes, I still say Kaplooey.) So I'll put the new hard drive in, and install word, and have it for my bedroom when I need it. I am relying pretty heavily on my thumb drive now, because I am writing every day, and sometimes it isn't on the same computer, depending on where my kids are.

We are mostly hunkering down in the basement today. All my errands are run, my house is still clean, and we've got lots to keep us occupied. I need a rest after the craziness of this week! Especially since tomorrow we have an ALL DAY Softball Tournament...

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!


Michelle Miles said...

Yeah this week went by fast, didn't it?? I'm glad it's over!

Anonymous said...

Cannot believe it's Friday. And why does cleaning make time go so fast?