Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hearing Myself Think?

I think I slept like the dead last night. I don't even remember dreaming. I did a lot of physical stuff yesterday, and mowing the lawn (AND hauling the eight bags to the compost dump) wore me out. I didn't get any writing in (BAD LARA!) and Hubby and I crashed on the sofa and watched "Bones" reruns. It really is quite a good show. We're into "Burn Notice" too. So many shows to watch, so little time...

Okay, yesterday was getting on my nerves. Because I realized something. Every time I get a moment to myself, to collect my thoughts, I hear "Mommy?"

Mommy? Where are you?

Mommy? Can I ask you something?

Mommy? What's for (Breakfast/lunch/Dinner pick one)?

Mommy? Are you busy?

Mommy? Can I sing you a song?

Mommy? Can you come look at this?

Mommy? Can you play with me?

Mommy? Can you (insert pretty much ANY action having to do with games in here) with me?

Of course, my personal favorite, is when I go to the bathroom. AT THE EXACT MOMENT I SIT DOWN, it never fails.


Yeah, I was a little irritated yesterday. Heh heh I was mean and made them all go outside for a while. Don't worry, I kept them hydrated with lemonade and popsicles. I just needed some moments to myself, to THINK and HAVE THOUGHTS without someone needing my attention.

You ever have days like that?


Lowa said...

Pretty much every day is like that. In fact I still pee with the bathroom door open just out of habit because the kids were always in there with me anyway. If I ever TRIED to close the door, they went NUTS!

Jock got SO MAD at me yesterday because I had it open. I have TWO TEENAGERS and they STILL follow me all over and want my attention. CONSTANTLY or at least it seems that way. If I want to play cards or a board game, they are busy. But I am doing something, suddenly they need to talk or want to show me something! ARG!

They know to come towards the bathroom with their eyes shut (if they are looking for me)and he was saying he is sure all his friend's mothers shut the door. I told him he might be right but what is the point since he just PROVED to me that any time I sit down, he is there wanting to talk. He didn't have a response:) He KNOWS I am right! LOL

Kicking them outside is no biggy. My mother used to LOCK us outside ALL DAY. My one brother still grumbles about that and swears it did lasting damage. I personally loved it, but of course I was outside on 80 acres, what's not to love??

Lowa said...

Oh also. It is SO BAD here that pretty much any time the kids says "Mom??" I automatically sigh and brace myself. So sometimes it really hurts their feelings and then they say, "Nothing...never mind" and walk away. So I need to be really careful. I have tried explaining that it is nothing personal, it is just that when they happened to say that, it was the 83rd time in two hours that any of them had said that and needed me and I just sometimes get overwhelmed with it all and need some time to myself and I DO want to see what it is or hear what it is. I always feel bad, because that is usually the kid that has been entertaining themselves for the past two hours or being responsible and doing their chores without being reminded (I do have a few of those and it is BLISS) and then they come and WHAMO! Shoot them down! :( I try to be more aware of that. Poor things:(

Michelle Miles said...

Oh yes. I have days like that for sure! It happens to me at work (except they don't call me Mommy hahah) and at home.

Anonymous said...

Hey sister,
Now don't you feel a little sorry for mom???

Anonymous said...

It's called every moment backstage at a show!