Thursday, July 31, 2008

Day One Down...

...and I got my quota in. 2875 words. Woo! And I did it all before Hubby came home, so we got to chill on the sofa and watch Bones. We have about 12 taped shows, and we're knocking out about two a night.

Took the kids to lunch yesterday, and then to Half Price Books. I found a great research book: "Mexico: From the Olmecs to the Aztecs" and Thing One, who is currently into sharks, got a shark book. Thing Two got a chess book that came with a chess set, and they have been playing chess since yesterday afternoon. (Thing Two keeps winning, so I took him aside and told him if he wanted people to keep playing him, to "lose" every once in a while...)

Thing Three got a big Ben 10 Sticker book, but he's seven, so it's ok. I'm not expecting him to want literary works, just yet. The baby ate about 17 crackers while we were in there, and was happy as a clam. I LOVE bookstores. And HPB is Especially if you're on a budget. All my kids' books were $5 or under. Mine was the big splurge, at $9.98. :-)

And we were there for a good hour. Of course, they've completely torn up the main road to get there, and it was NOT fun sitting in displaced traffic on the way home. UGH.

I had a story idea that was just DEMANDING I get it out, so I quickly got onto the computer last night and typed out the details. I'll file them for later. My one focus is this current novel, so I can't let anything else distract me. Although I find it a bit funny that as soon as I committed to finishing this novel exclusively, suddenly I want to write all sorts of other things.

Adult ADD is NOT fun.

I can't believe it's already Thursday! Where did the week go?


Anonymous said...

It is NOT ADD. Don't insult your creativity.

The creative process gains momentum, so when you're being creative, the ideas sprout like . . .i don't know. Dandelions? Mold? Bunnies?

Congrats on the word count!

Michelle Miles said...

You're doing so good. I, however, am dead creatively. Gaw, I suck so bad.

I'm thinking I might need a trip to HPB...