Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Like Diapering an Octopus...

Status: A tad frazzled. We are getting two ceiling fans and puck lighting installed today, not to mention the dentist, tennis lessons, and softball. I just got back from Home Depot and the cleaners and I'm on my second Diet Coke. I'm a bit "run out."

So the baby has decided that he doesn't want to sit still for ANYTHING. He wants to be a wiggle worm. That includes diaper time. As soon as I get that bad boy off he wants to turn over and crawl away. This is especially hazardous when he has a poopy diaper. You can imagine why. I won't bother explaining. Let's just say, I've had a few "interesting" and "craptastic" experiences. Thing One has to help me now, whether it's keeping him still, or holding his chubby little thighs so he can't turn over and smear poop all over whatever I'm changing him on. I've learned that my silk duvet on the master bed, and any cream-colored carpet in the house is OFF LIMITS for diaper changing. Again, I won't explain why. And yes, I put a towel down, but it really doesn't matter if he gets away from me and crawls as fast as he can.


Hubby is flying to New York next week to go to the Yankee Stadium All-Star game, and I am highly jealous. But I intend to get a lot of writing done those nights. For some reason, when he travels, I get a TON more writing in at night. Maybe it's the "My Hubby Is Gone Insomnia" or something.

But I'm pretty happy with my word count lately, I'm averaging about 1000 words a night. That means if I log about 3k per weekend, this book should be finished by August. Then I can submit it. Woo! I'm writing LDS fiction (which is something I've never tried) so there's only a handful of publishers I can submit to, but we'll see where it goes from here. I'm writing a story that *I* would want to read, with archaeology and adventure and lost cities...and a hint of romance...and I'm having lots of fun with it.

Hopefully the general public will like to read what I like to read. :-) We'll see!

Well, my daughter just told me she hopes the computer blows up so I won't be on it anymore. Maybe I need to pay some attention to her...hmmm....


Anonymous said...

When Husband goes off to play for a week (why yes, he is at a conference this week, and he is playing golf today, why do you ask?) I call those Single-Mom Weeks and tell my friends, "I'm doin' the single-mom thing this week."

I have no idea how single mothers do it. I am in complete and total awe of them.

I'm exhausted. I don't get anything done because 9 needs extra attention. 13 handles it okay, but he tries to get away with stuff (um, hello? I'm the STRICT parent).

So, yay for you on getting the writing done. That's fantastic. I MIGHT get some writing done Thurs/Fri because our schedule is fairly clear ::boggle::, but my to-do list is growing by the second.

LMAO on the diaper changing. When the boys got wiggly, I learned to change one-handed (and this was with cloth diapers) until they were clean. I would use the other hand to hold them down by imprisoning their chest and removing the diaper/cleaning their butts with the other hand. If you get them pinned at the lower part of the ribs, they can wiggle a bit, but they can't go anywhere.

Michelle Miles said...

Isn't it funny how fast babies can crawl when they're trying to get away? hehehehe

You are ON FIRE with your writing. I'm so impressed!! And I can't wait to read it. :)

Tristi Pinkston said...

Hey there --

That's an awesome word count. I'm excited to hear that you're writing LDS fiction -- that's what I read/write and I'm always on the lookout for another good book.