Friday, July 25, 2008



I never thought it would happen. Since I normally don't stock up on Postum until late fall, I didn't find out until YESTERDAY, that Kraft foods STOPPED MAKING POSTUM IN FALL 2007.
This is a tragedy. Seriously. I grew up on Postum. I got my Hubby into it. My MIL loves it. THIS IS NOT HAPPENING!!!
Apparently a few thousand people have written/emailed Kraft, begging them to bring back Postum. Kraft has stubbornly refused. Some people are selling Postum on Ebay. One person wants $150 for THREE jars. I used to buy it at the store for $3.49. Waaaahhhhh!!!!

NOW what am I gonna drink in the cold winter mornings? Herbal tea is thin. Postum is creamy, with creamer and Splenda. All I have left is one half jar, sitting in my Pantry. Hey, maybe I can get a couple hundred dollars for it on Ebay...


In happier news, I've broke the 40K mark in my word count! Check me out! I did it last night. I am very impressed with myself. This is the most I've been excited about a novel since...well, about 2005. I guess when I'm finished I'll find out if it's any good. I'm actually at a very suspensful part in the ancient setting, so it's been fun to write. I have planned out every detail, so really, it's just getting out the story.
I am hoping to have a completed first draft by the end of August. The way I'm going, it might be MID August! Woo!
Okay, I am going to go and lament the demise of Postum, now. Such awful news!
Update: So I am going to try something called PERO. I found this blog entry and apparently it might be a fitting substitute. My dad drinks it and I asked him, and he said he recommended it. So, maybe things will be OK? But with my luck, I'll get hooked on Pero and they'll discontinue THAT...


Michelle Miles said...

I'm so sorry about your postum. I had never even heard of it until I knew you! LOL

You are seriously on fire with your story. I hope I get to read it soon :)

Unknown said...

That's terrible for you! I'd check out places like Big Lots, they might still carry it.

Lowa said...

I had never heard of postum until I found your blog! Can't you have hot chocolate if you want something hot and yummy to drink??

I just read on-line that some Indian stores have it or something. Maybe you can try that.

Glad you got so much writing in, that is VERY exciting!

Lowa said...

Oh, also. I was addicted to a drink called "Toffee Coffee" made by Tastefully Simple. It was HORRENDOUSLY expensive but I would buy a tin of it here and there as a treat and make it last. Of course within months of me discovering it, they discontinued it!?!? Why do people DO THAT!?!?