Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Happy Tuesday Toast Day.

I was a baad girl, and didn't write last night. I finished PRINCESS BEN. It was delightful! I highly recommend it.

Hubby was a little out of sorts because our "nightly routine" didn't happen last night. Usually, after we tuck the kids into bed, I sit in the office and write, and he, next door in the family room, unwinds in front of the TV, and we talk back and forth. But LAST night, I stayed upstairs, reading, and I guess he felt all alone downstairs, because he came up and went to bed. Poor Neglected Hubby.

Oh, and why is it, it takes YEARS to clean your house perfectly, but it only takes about three hours to completely trash it again? WHAT IS UP with that? The kids and I spent a lot of yesterday cleaning up from the weekend. UGH. My kids are under Pain Threats if they make huge messes and don't clean them up.

So, we are having a freaky time--there aren't any SPORTS or LESSONS right now. We aren't zooming off to Tennis lessons, or Swimming Lessons, or Softball games or...well...anything. We're officially "in between sports/classes" right now. And Soccer doesn't start up for two weeks.

It's wonderful.

We get up, have a leisurely breakfast, and the kids can get dressed and do what they want (after they make their beds and tidy their rooms of course ha ha). They can go outside, ride bikes, or veg, or do crafts, whatever.

And I'm not using up a quarter tank of gas every day anymore! WOO! And wouldn't you know it, gas has gone down to $4.04, here.

Go Figure. Ppphhhhhbbbtttt.

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Michelle Miles said...

Hey I noticed gas was 3.86 here - it went down about 10 cents.

I tried to read last night - and write - but I was just too tired. I think the weekend wore me out! :)