Monday, July 21, 2008

Posthumous Oscar.

'Nuff Said.

So, the weekend was good. Thing One had an all-day Softball tournament--her team didn't win, but they played their hearts out. But Saturday was completely taken up. Sunday was a little more relaxing, but Hubby taped the USA marathon showings of "Burn Notice" and we watched ALL of them, in chronological order, late into the night. I rather like the show--it's clever, funny, and the three characters have excellent chemistry together. A fun show!

Started reading PRINCESS BEN. Am loving it. Got a little writing in, but mostly wrote in my head, because I didn't have time to sit in front of a computer.

It's looking like rain, and I'm not thrilled. I have to mow the lawn first. It's starting to look...well...a tad high. And we can't have that! Well, time to get the garbage out and mow the lawn and go to the store and tidy the house and well...all that stuff. :-)

Happy Monday!


Michelle Miles said...

Have you seen the movie yet? I'm thinking I want to see it!

I KNEW you'd love that book :)

Lowa said...

Really?? So he was as good as they say, eh?? I want to see the movie...but every time I see a photo of him or read anything about him I cry. It was just SO TRAGIC and still seems surreal, you know?? *Sigh* I need to see it though...maybe Stud and I can take the older two soon.

Good job on all your writing that you are getting done. Just so you know, if we lived near you, Jock would mow your lawn for you! He would give anything to have as much land as you do and get to drive a riding mower!

On another note, I just got back from babysitting my friends' little 15 month old. I watch him once a week for her. Isn't that how old Thing Four is?? This guy was born April 20th of 2007 and I am thinking that your youngest is around that age. Does he talk much? This guy only says two words OVER AND OVER and doesn't repeat things. When my oldest was this age, I could carry on a conversation with him. At eighteen months of age, others could as well. He said complete sentences, knew his colours, shapes, etc. From the way people reacted, I guessed it was not the norm. My slowest talkers were at least repeating words back and commonly saying "Bye", "Hi", "Please", "Mommy", "Daddy", and starting to put sentences together etc by the time they were this little guy's age. Just wondered what your's is up to. Maybe I am expecting too much?? Just different from what I had been used to with mine. It is so fun getting to have a morning once a week with a toddler! I love it!

Lara said...

Mine is actually quite talkative. A lot of it is gibberish. He's 14 months. He says basic words, and he can mimic anything we say, but he's JUST starting to string them together.

If your children knew their colors and shapes and spoke complete sentences at 14 months that is NOT normal. Definitely advanced. :-)

Lowa said...

Ok, good to know. I know of kids who didn't say ONE WORD until they were three or four and they are brilliant. So I am trying not to worry too much about my little friend. I just kind of wondered. I figured your little guy would be mimicking, etc. That is what I expect from this little guy. I took him for a walk in his stroller yesterday and as he pointed to things and muttered, I would tell him what they all were and ask him to repeat it. NOTHING.

Hmmmm...I wondered about mine. Their Docs always seemed a bit shocked and impressed. My third son was the same age as this little guy (well, a few weeks older) when our youngest was born. He would say things like "Baby's toes cold..."
and "Baby KYE (cry)" and "Baby hungee, Mummy FEED HER!" and those types of things. My nephew just turned two and says things like "I like it, Grandad's pajamas" and is always singing two or three verses to songs. That is more how mine were.

Anyway, thanks for your help!