Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween, Y'all!!!

Status: EXHAUSTED. Thing Four, who has learned to turn over onto his tummy (but not back onto his back) decided to turn onto his tummy in his crib...all night long. Starting at 2:30 am I had to run up and "rescue him" until he finally fell asleep at 5:30. UGH.
I think it was truly the first time I've gotten really irritated at him. I know, he's five months, doesn't know any better, etc. etc. But he's a smarty pants. He KNOWS if he cries I'll come to him. He figured that out long ago. I am so screwed. :-)
So, Happy Halloween everyone! We already did the "Trick or Treat" thing on Saturday (that's when our town is assigned to do it) and I have to say, Thing Two's LINK COSTUME turned out quite fabulous. Hubby said he looked like an Elf, and I had to slap him across the head. Link is a Warrior, thank you very much:
He's in the Mud Room (by the garage door) admiring his reflection in the mirror.
Here's a front view--I made those boots and gloves myself. Okay, you have to promise not to laugh: I couldn't find white thermal underwear anywhere, and I couldn't find white fleece pants either, so finally, in the girl's department at WalMart I found these white fleece pants he's wearing. But I told him to be careful and not bend over because on the butt of the pants, in big blue girly letters (with silver glitter) it says "SUPERSTAR."

Yeah, he told me he would NOT wear those pants, but when I told him there wasn't anything else, he conceded. Anything for the Authentic Link Look. Actually, it IS kind of funny! The Hylian Shield I made turned out pretty good too:Thing One was Princess Leia, Thing Three was Boba Fett, and Thing Four was my little Pumpkin. Of course now that Trick-or-Treating is over, they are all living in their costumes, but that is fine with me. However I draw the line at going to the store in them. At least I will once November hits!

Time to go get the oil changed. Yes, my life is EXCITING!!!


Janey said...

You made that sheild? It looks very real! You are very talented. I hope your son appreciates you.

Anonymous said...

that's weird you can't trick or treat on Halloween. You must have lots of kids wehre you are.
Thing two's costume looks great!

Lowa said...

Wow! Congrats, I am very impressed! Looks like Link to me, but I guess you have to know to Link is to help with that.

No pics of the Star Wars kids?? LOL

I hope your husband is glad that YOU get your oil changed. I leave all that up to my husband to deal with. My brothers laugh at him, because all of them and my Dad always do that stuff themselves. They don't take the vehicles anywhere; they just do it. I remember thinking my husband was odd when we got married and he didn't know how to do that stuff!

Oh boy, have fun with Thing Four. I remember my kids doing that. I also rememeber "Night Terrors". Get ready for those. Usually started around nine months with most of my kids and continued off and on until they were about three. Good times...

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm impressed. The costume looks wonderful.

I'm not your "textbook" mom, so I can't help you with Thing 4. Good luck with him.

Anonymous said...

Link is perfect!!!