Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hello, Gorgeous...

When my mom was here in late July, I picked out some Winnie the Pooh fabric for Thing four's baby quilt. I left the rest up to her, and the quilt came in the mail yesterday. LOVE IT:It is really cute--and the way she put the Pooh panels in like they tell a story...

GO MOM!!! And I would also like to thank MY DAD for the awesome baby gift he sent. Thanks Dad!

I love the colors. It's one of the neatest baby quilts I've seen. Kinda gets me in the quilting mood. Especially since it is FREEZING this morning! My kids had to wear their coats for the first time. Brrrr! Time to get out the Postum. I'm excited, because I've been craving it. But I will NOT drink it in warm weather.

I was bad and stayed up until Midnight last night--got caught up "catching up" online with my Sis, and then I got the bug to detail the kitchen at 11pm (a' la Petunia Dursley). After I was done I figured I might as well blitz the first floor too, and then sort some laundry. But now that I stayed up late and got all that cleaning done, I don't have to do it today! I can go to B&N and get those Stephenie Meyer Vampire books my MIL told me about. Apparently they're really good. I'm always a sucker for well-done Vampire stories! :-)

I need to swing by Target too. I am looking for white Thermal Underwear for Thing Two's Link costume. Then I am finished. And it isn't the day before Halloween! I'm actually not procrastinating--STOP THE PRESSES!

Struggling with the flow of my WIP. It has both a boy and girl protag--twins who have been hidden since birth with separate Human families, and I am telling both their stories separately... until they come together. But I can't seem to decide whether to tell the boy's story first, or the girl's. UGH. I'm stuck.

Time to hop in the shower while Thing Four is still asleep!

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Anonymous said...

That is one of the most beautiful quilts I've ever seen.

Are you using alternating chapters? Or sections for each?

Whose story pulls at you hardest?

You can try telling it via alternating chapters, and later, spread them out on the floor and rearrange them.