Monday, October 15, 2007


Status: Suprisingly perky--considering I stayed up until ONE a.m. making ten hand-stamped cards for tonight's card swap since I PROCRASTINATED in typical Lara fashion until yesterday after church. And yes, I've known about the card swap for three weeks. *sigh*

Weekends wear me out. We do too much, or something. Only two more weeks of Saturdays being completely taken up by Soccer, and then we're done until Spring. I'll actually be sad, because the games are a great social atmosphere for the parents, and can actually get intense sometimes. Except for Thing Three's games. His team is supposed to be Co-ed but ended up being all boys (no girls were interested) and his team has won every match by EIGHT goals on average. It's just a given that they'll win. Saturday Thing Three scored two of those goals himself. Soccer is definitely going to be his sport. Until he gets too tall to be fast. And he will. So we'll have to have a backup sport.

Thing Four still has the Leftover Head Cold Crud, and so I'm just trying to make him as comfortable as possible. He's a little trooper. And he is officially five months old now! Time is FLYING!!!!

I'm going to use ME time this morning to A) have a pot of Postum and B) flesh out the details of my synopsis. It's been drumming through my head all weekend and I haven't had a minute to get it down on paper. ANNOYING!!!

Well, Mondays are always crazy for me, so I'd better get a move on.


Anonymous said...

And yet, you're holding fast to the "Me time" -- I'm so proud of you!

Michelle Miles said...

You go on the me time :) Now I need to figure out some for me...