Thursday, November 01, 2007


Status: Calm. Somehow I am feeling this is the "calm before the storm." What does that mean?

So, we have Halloween Candy coming out our ears--I finally had the kids dump their buckets into one big bowl, (which I keep up high) and they can pick ONE piece a day out of it. Usually after dinner. Yes, I am a control freak with the candy. But I remember when I was a kid, I was allowed to take it to my room and eat it at my leisure, and frankly, that wasn't very healthy. Probably because I usually ate more than half of it in one day.

It's a miracle I still have all my teeth.

My parents played a cruel trick on me when I was much younger--I remember being very excited about all the candy, and then, usually a day or two after Halloween, it would all suddenly "disappear." I was distraught, of course, but my mom would tell me that "Nutrition Man" had come in the night and spirited away all the candy.

I HATED Nutrition Man. He ruined all my fun. He was downright MEAN to take all my candy. Of course, now that I'm all grown up and I know that Nutrition Man was actually my parents, and THEY took my candy, well, it's one of those things you just can't forgive your parents for.

I was giving my mom a hard time about it a few days ago, and I told her "YOU GUYS ATE MY CANDY!" She protested that it wasn't their intention to eat my candy, just to get it away from me. (which makes sense, I was a bit "hyper" when I was little, it would be like giving Crack to a Monkey.)
So Mom said it was just a natural circumstance that they ended up consuming it.

Yeah, yeah, whatever. Lucky for you, I'm a parent and I get it. ;-)

Well, I'm off to change a diaper! Then it's time for some editing. And a sweater. It's COLD today! Brrrrrr!


Anonymous said...

What a great idea! Your parents are geniuses! But yeah, it's kind of mean.

Anonymous said...

Love "Nutrition Man"! He never came by my house. that's probably why I had major dental work in my adult years!

Unknown said...

That's the funniest scam I've ever heard of. Your parents were very creative!

Anonymous said...

Oh man, do I remember that! I didn't get it too bad because you warned me about it, but they did get me good one year. I remember hiding it in freaky places, like the vent in the floor between our bedrooms, to keep it from happening again. But you know I'm going to do that to my kids,well, at least once!
-sis :P

Lynn Sinclair said...

When I did the Halloween circuit, most of the candies we got were those hard, carmel things--not the chocolate and yummy stuff of today. Nutrition man didn't have to worry about us eating those as we usually threw them out in the end.

Michelle Miles said...

My mom used to keep my bucket o' candy on top of the fridge. I do the same thing now with my kiddo. I let him have pretty much what he wanted on Halloween, but now I have to make sure he doesn't over-indulge. haha