Friday, October 26, 2007


Hilarious Bumper Sticker of the Day:

I saw this one on a truck yesterday and for some reason it struck me VERY funny:

(One weekend a month my Ass!)

Status: Equal parts elated and crabby. Girls just went home, I'm elated it was a success, yet crabby because I'll be vacuuming up chips and cookie crumbs out of the theater room for the next decade...

The party went surprisingly well! The girls all arrived at 6pm, and Hubby and I chauffered them all to the pizza party place, where for the next 2 1/2 hours they rode rides, played games, and fairly stuffed themselves with pizza, iceream, etc. etc. etc.

They all stayed pretty much together, which I thought wouldn't happen because all of them are very strong personalities and I was afraid of the "Too Many Chiefs Syndrome. But they had fun, and then we drove home, blasting Hannah Montana in the car (my eardrums, my eardrums :-(
and it was funny because they wanted all the windows rolled down and the music blasting but it was so dang cold after about five seconds they were screaming "ROLL THE WINDOWS BACK UP PLEASE!! ROLL THEM UP!!!"

And of course, just like my dad used to do, I was swerving the car when we got into our subdivision and they LOVED it. They even told me I was the "most fun mom" of all the moms. I'd by lying if I said that didn't give me some warm fuzzies inside...

Then they were all too full to have cake, so we forewent the dessert and did presents, and Thing One SCORED a ton of Webkins. Okay, I'm behind the times, because I had no idea what they were until last night. But she seemed really excited to get them. Then they prank-called their parents (I drew the line at boys) until 10pm, and then they all wanted to watch "The Mummy" in the Theater room, so I put it on for them.

Honestly, I thought they'd all pass out around 1am, but at 2am there was a "tense moment" when two of the girls wanted to go to sleep, and the rest of them wanted to stay up, so I intervened and we compromised--the girls who wanted to sleep stayed in the theater room, and the other girls went out on the sofas in the Family Room and watched movies on the big screen.

Cut to 4am. I am awakened by a "boom boom" noise and I go downstairs, and they are all asleep in front of the TV, and "Legally Blonde" is playing. So I turned it off and saw Thing One (and ironically one of the girls who had wanted to go to bed earlier) on the computer, on the Webkins website.

I told them to go to bed, and that was that. They all woke up around 8am, and we had pancakes and waffles and bacon and fruit (dang, I thought my BOYS could eat!) and then the moms started arriving to pick up the girls at 10.

I'll be cleaning into tomorrow, but Thing One said it went very well, and all the girls (except for the one tense moment) got along fine, and although we're all very sleep deprived (I am forcing Thing One to take a nap today or she's going to be a cranky toerag for her "family party" tonight) I'm glad it's over and it went well.


But yeah, I'm not jumping up and down to do it again anytime soon...


Janey said...

Um, aren't you exhausted??

Michelle Miles said...

Glad it went well!! She was out of school today I'm guessing?

Lara said...

Yes, and yes. We're all zombies...

Anonymous said...

Congrats on a great party!

Lynn Sinclair said...

Congrats on the success (and do wish your daughter a very happy birthday). Even though I see that you came away relatively unscathed, I'm still not willing to take a stab at the big pj party thing.