Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Drawing A Blank...

Status: Reeeallly tired. My five-month old has decided he doesn't like to sleep when he has a cold. He wants to wake up every hour or so and fuss and whine, and turn over onto his tummy, at which point he starts to panic and I have to run up two flights of stairs and rescue him...

The power went out last night during the rain storm. It's weird, because I do remember hearing a collective "beeping" noise throughout the house (the sound of all our electrical appliances, etc. losing power) but I thought I was dreaming. And of course the clocks reset themselves. And of course I haven't put a backup battery IN said clocks. And OF COURSE Hubby had really important meetings today and wanted to wake up at 5:30.

We ended up snapping awake at 6:20. Ooops. Hubby was a barely discernible flash of color as he hurriedly got ready for work. I wish I could get ready that fast.

Luckily we got to sleep at a decent time. We only watched two DVR'd shows last night--Shark and Chuck.
Okay, I am SO loving "Chuck." Zachary Levi is completely adorable and the characters are stereotypical sitcom characters, but they are FUNNY. Hubby says the show won't last. I beg to differ. At least I have hope!
I'm sure the "Chuck-tags-along-with-the-pros-and-saves-the-day-with-his-"flashes"-and-does-something-cute-when-it-all-gets-intense" storyline will get a bit tired, but I am enjoying it immensely.

So, about the blog title--I am drawing a COMPLETE blank on this one, and it's not like me:

We are big fans of the "Karate Kid" movies at our house, and yesterday at WalMart I saw this DVD with all three movies on it, Karate Kid I, II and III. The problem is, I KNOW I saw the third movie, but I can't remember it to save my life. Was it that forgettable? Does anyone remember the plot? Hubby was stumped too. We both agreed that we MUST have seen it, but why can't we both remember it? I know the Karate Kid IV was the one with Hilary Swank as the "girl" Kid, but why don't I remember Three?
So my kids want to have a Karate Kid-a Thon in the theater room, and I'll let them this weekend, but I might sit in on the third movie, because I can't remember anything about it. Not one thing. Weird. That is so not like me. I remember mostly every movie I've ever seen.

Am I getting senile already? :-(


Anonymous said...

Yes, it really was THAT forgettable.

I enjoy CHUCK too -- it's a case where excellent casting takes the writing to a better level. And some of the writing's quite clever.

I'm always afraid I'll sleep through early set calls, so I always set a manual alarm -- things are too wonky around here to rely on electronics. And I usually set the alarm on my cell phone as back up.

And I place the alarm across the room, so I have to GET UP to turn it off (or the cats whack it to the floor).

Hope Little Thing feels better soon.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't that the one where they go to Japan and he has to fight that punk kid and the the whole Tea Cerimony and stuff? Or is it the one with the little tree that Daniel "rescues" off the side of a cliff, heck, I don't even remember! It's been a while, now I'm gonna see if I can find it online!

Michelle Miles said...

I never saw that movie but it probably was that forgettable. And I guess I totally blocked the KK IV with Hilary Swank. (I bet she wants to forget that one too haha). You could always go to IMDB.COM and get a refresher ;)