Wednesday, October 03, 2007

GO ME...

Status: Concerned--Thing Four is sick for the first time since he was born (I would consider that pretty lucky considering he turns five months next week!) He had a fever this morning and unlike my other three kids who greedily SUCKED their medicine down, he spit most of his out...

I have to give myself snaps here, because I am going way out on a limb and doing something completely out of my comfort zone. Let me just say that I don't sew. I HOT GLUE GUN. Thing One's Girl Scout patches are hot glue gunned to her sash. I can hot glue gun ANYTHING, and probably have. I never learned to sew (much to the chagrin of my mother, who is a very capable seamstress) and although I taught myself to quilt a couple of years ago, and I do own a nice sewing machine, I have never bought a pattern, cut it out, and made anything for ANYONE. I can do pillow covers and really easy stuff. But that's about it.

So, for Halloween, Thing One wanted to be Princess Leia. Went to Target and bought the costume. DONE. Thing Three wanted to be Boba Fett. Target. DONE. Thing Two? No. Thing Two wanted to be "Link" from "Legend of Zelda" (for you non-gamers that is a Nintendo game that given it's wild popularity among the Gaming Community you would think they would manufacture COSTUMES for the characters...)
But no, they don't make "Link" costumes any more. Here is what Link looks like:

Or at least when I watch the GAME that my sons play, he looks like this. They are currently playing "Windwaker." HOWEVER, Thing Two wants to look like Link from Twilight Princess. (or is it Ocarina of Time? I can't kee them straight!) He's a little different:

Thing Two wants his costume just like this one. And of course except for a few websites where people have made their own costumes for cosplay, I have nothing to go on. So, I bought some green material, brown pleather, and I've already made a sword and shield. (I'll post pics when I'm finished).

But the point is, I'm SEWING a Halloween Costume. After having kids for ten years, I am SEWING.

Are you proud of me?


Michelle Miles said...


I can't sew either. My mom, however, can make stuff without a pattern. It's amazing. The only thing I can do with a needle is sew on a button (very badly) and cross-stitch. Mom told me the other day she can't cross-stitch. haha

Hope that baby gets better soon!

Anonymous said...

Looks very much like a Robin hood costume. Could you buy one of those instead and then just dye the t-shirt and tights?

I've sewn since I was 13. I'm not great at it -- that's why I don't take stitching calls on B'way -- but I've made a lot of my own clothes. Give me a shout if you need some tips or shortcuts, and I'll talk you through it.

As long as you cut it properly the first time, the sewing --with a machine -- is a breeze. Take the time to "measure twice, cut once".

Lowa said...

I am VERY proud of you:) I used to sew a lot. Clothes and stuffed animals for all my foster siblings and nieces and nephews.

Since I have had kids?? NOTHING!

I wonder if I will remember how??

Link is COOL! Good luck! Dying to see pics!

Anonymous said...

I have the utmost faith that if anyone can pull this off -- it's you! I certainly couldn't!