Thursday, October 18, 2007

I Wish I Was Bionic...

...because THEN it would take me only a short while to clean my whole dang house, as opposed to ALL DAY LONG. Actually, if I do it right, it takes about two and a half days.
I was very bad yesterday, I just did writing research and played with the baby. No cleaning, no laundry, no maintenance, just played on the computer and played with Thing Four. I have a bouncy chair in my office and I just plunk him in it (he's only 5 months so he's not mobile yet, thank heaven!) with toys and Ta Da--writing time!

But yesterday I mostly did research. I need to know what the most up-and-coming archaeological tools are out there. Because my characters are on a dig in South America, and they have a reluctant guest, who needs everything explained to him, because he's NOT an archaeologist. (You know that writing trick: interject a character who doesn't know jack so it gets explained to him, when the REAL purpose is to explain to the reader, so the reader knows what's going on...)
But I need to know what the heck I'm talking about, before I can make THEM sound like they know.

I am beginning to like the search engine "Dogpile" a lot better than Google these days. Thanks, Dad, for the tip! Dogpile does Google,, Yahoo, etc. etc. It pulls from all of them. Pretty handy for research!

So, my goal today (after ME time, yes, I'm keeping it!) is to clean the house from top to bottom. Surface cleaning only. When I start organizing drawers, etc. it goes MUCH slower. So I'm just going to clean it all, mop, dust, vacuum, spray down, etc. and make it look good. And I have about 6 loads of laundry.

Okay, what a THRILLING life I lead! Seriously, a stay-home mom has so much fun, I know. We live in our cars, and clean 80% of the time and live in chaos. That's more exciting than, say...being a superspy, or hangliding. Being a full-time mom is REALLY stimulating and invigorating! Whew! Excuse me for a minute while I pause...ADRENALINE HEADRUSH!!!

Okay, yes, so I'm a smartass. Gotta go. I have a date with a vacuum cleaner.


Lynn Sinclair said...

I'm a stay-at-home mom, but must confess that I have it much easier as my daughter is 14 years old. Of course, now I have no excuse not to be writing (except for laundry/cleaning thing).

A visit to the museum might give you some insight into archaeological tools. Or contact your local archeological society--I'll bet they'd love to talk about their tools.

Okay, that doesn't sound polite.

Anonymous said...

Just think if you were bionic you could write a novel in a day!

Anonymous said...

Dogpile is the BEST.

Do you have a university near you? Talk to one of the archaeology professors. Do an interview and have him/her show you all the latest tools and techniques.

Get a sitter or have your husband stay with the kids. That hour or two will do more for you than months of research.