Tuesday, October 31, 2006

An Intruder in the Night...

Happy Halloween, everyone! Of course we Trick or Treated on Saturday night, because in Wisconsin, they assign every town certain nights to Trick or Treat, because this must be the Child-Breeding Capitol of the World or something...(kidding.)

So tonight we are grilling Brats (a delectable Wisconsin dish) and having doughnuts and cider, and decorating Halloween cookies. The kids already got enough candy to keep an Army stimulated for weeks, so we're rationing it out.

As for the title of this blog, we had an intruder last night. We didn't even know he was in the house, until he made his presence known, in the Master bedroom, where Hubby and I were sleeping.
It was 3:15 am, and Thing One came charging down the stairs to our room, because she'd had a horrible dream. (her speech was a little garbled but it was something about falling off a horse into quicksand and getting s-l-o-w-l-y sucked under) and she begged to sleep with us for a little while. Then around 4am I walked her back up to her room and tucked her in. I got back in bed, and 15 minutes later, Hubby sits up and turns on the light. Why is it that a single 60-watt bulb can be SOLAR-LEVEL blinding at 4am?

He said: "There's something in our room."

Naturally my blood ran cold at this, I didn't know what the jeepers he would be talking about, but then he yelled (a manly yell) and pointed and I saw our intruder, as it scurried underneath the leather chair by our bed:

A mouse.

Unfortunately yesterday was Laundry day and I had piles of reds, whites, darks, etc etc all over the floor waiting to be washed, and the mouse was probably hiding in them. We turned on all the lights, and got shoes on our feet, and made a ruckus to scare the little bugger out. But to no avail. He was either long gone, or he was hiding really well. We finally gave up around 5am and went back to bed.

I have a mouse exterminator coming tomorrow...who knows if it's just one mouse that got in. But I can tell you who the culprits are: my children. They always leave the inner garage door open, and we do live on the edge of a large field, in a brand-new subdivision.

I just don't want to find the mouse, dead and rotting somewhere. I WILL NOT have mice in my house! EEEK!

Well, I'd better get cleaning. There's nothing worse than "unpacking clutter" all around because it's perfect for mice to hide in. And I'll be damned if I get any more mice in this house.


Michelle Miles said...

You do realize that vermine are vile creatures? Get the bleach out. :)

Lowa said...

I don't know what to say. I used to catch mice and...yes...actually sleep with them in my bed! I am a sucker for anything cute and cuddly. My cousin and I rescued many a small creature and put them in bed with us:)

We just bought our daughter two pet mice. So I guess I can't say much about this:) I just cleaned thier cage the other day. True, I would not want them loose in the house. And we wash our hands thouroughly any time we go NEAR the cage, let alone touch them! LOL

Can you get a kitty cat??

Lara said...

Nope. Hubby's allergic. I just think mice are cute and all...as long as they AREN'T in my house...

Lara said...

Ha! I guess I never thought about "grilling brats for Halloween".
Does sound kinda bad...