Thursday, October 05, 2006

I have a WORLD MARKET...

What a perk to my day!

Despite a very hairy moving experience (unloaded, thank heaven, now I have to unpack which will take me several months) and rain and thunder and lightning, everything but LOCUSTS...apparently I've been given something to make me happy: World Market.

There was one three minutes from my house in Denver, and I was sad because...let's just say that if you have ever been inside a World Market, you would understand my chagrin at having to give it up for going to Wisconsin.

Well, so Hubby and the kids and I are driving around Brookfield mall, and we notice across the street they've put in new shops. And on the signs I see World Market and I made Hubby stop the car immediately.
We all went inside, and even Hubby was impressed. He suddenly wants to buy furniture from there and the kids all went ga-ga over the gourmet section. And all the fun Halloween stuff.

All I can say is I was off my head with joy, and not in the sarcastic sense. World Market is THE BOMB. It is SO fun! And it's only ten minutes from my house! WOO HOO! So I can get all my Advent calendars and Christmas crackers (the kind you pull) and Stollen and English scone mixes, that you can't get anywhere else.

Ah, bliss...


Lowa said...

Stollen?? Are you German??

My friend makes her's from scratch, can you imagine?? That is the only reason I know what it is, her parents came directly from Germany. Her two oldest brothers were even born there, that is how German they are:) LOL

I am very excited for you! Glad your hubby likes it also.

Lara said...

Actually, I come from Russian stock. But my parents were into Stollen when I was a kid, and to me, it tastes like Christmas.
:-) And it will to MY kids!

Lowa said...


OHH! Do you love borscht?? YUM!

How about hazelnut cookies?? OH MAN, those things are TO DIE FOR. Those also mean Christmas to my German friend, along with the Stollen.

Michelle Miles said...

I bloody love World Market. They have a great wine section, too!! I LOVE THEIR STUFF!! :)