Friday, October 06, 2006

The Elusive Pirate Costume...

Okay. I've been getting the kids Halloween costumes a little early because if I wait everything will be sold out except for the really grisly masks and the Human Salt and Pepper Shaker Costume.

Thing One wanted to be a Medieval Princess. Check. Thing Three wanted to be a Red Power Ranger. Check.

Thing Two? Captain Jack Sparrow, of course. And frankly, the kid could pull it off. With a beaded beard and a little kohl eyeliner, he'd rock.

The task at hand: FIND A JACK SPARROW PIRATE COSTUME. So, I know they have them, I've seen them. I saw one in the Denver Super Target while I was there, but all they had left was size small, and he's a medium.
So I go to the Target 15 minutes away here, and they're sold out. Walmart. Sold Out. I go to the Target way the hell out in BFE Delafield and I finally find two costumes, and lo and behold, one of them is Thing Two's size.

So I get it home and we're all excited and I realize soon that someone stole the #$&**!! hat out of it!!! What I thought was a hat is actually the boots only. I have an incomplete costume!

Dilemma: Drive all the way to take it back to the Target in BFE and grab the hat out of the smaller size (and inform Target I am doing this) OR go to Walmart down the street and grab the generic Pirate costume kit which has a hat, hook, earring, and eyepatch, and make good with it. Thing Two actually thinks it's pretty cool to have a pirate hook/hand, so I am going to do that. Whew!

Thing One has a Brownie overnight campout tonight. I need to go buy a container of sour cream, because that is her assignment. Pancake syrup and sour cream. Mmmmm.

Which actually brings to mind a little thing we did growing up. My parents would make pancakes, and put a dab of sour cream on the side. You got a forkful of syrupy pancake, and then dabbed it in the sour cream, and ate it. And you know what? As gross as it may sound, it's actually pretty good. I don't know if it's a Russian thing or not, but I liked it. I haven't had it in about 20 years, but when Thing One got her assignment, it made me think of it.

Try it if you're brave. You might be pleasantly surprised. :-)

It's supposed to be nice today thru Sunday, and then COLD COLD COLD. Fall has arrived! Time to find the Halloween decorations wherever they are!

Happy Weekend, all. :-)

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Michelle Miles said...

I wish Fall would arrive here. It's still in the 90s!!

I saw a Jack Sparrow costume at Party City last night. Mine is going to be Batman. LOL I couldn't convince him to be a pirate for anything in the world. Ah well.