Thursday, October 19, 2006

I am the Queen of Frou Frou

For those of you who don't know what "frou frou" is, it would be, in decorating terms, "stuff that you put in a room to gussy it up." Like Candlesticks, plants, pictures, and knick-knacks, etc. etc. etc. etc.

I am obsessed with it. Granted, I don't want every surface crammed with stuff (we are OUT of the Victorian Era, thank you) but I sure like my candlesticks, plants, vases, pictures, etc. etc. etc.


I figured out the #$%&*!! Unpacking is taking so long because after I unpack, I have to "place" everything. This can take several hours. Which pictures to hang? Which decorative plate to set next to the plant that goes here, and which set of candles go here, and yadda yadda yadda.

I am so screwed.

Hubby and I are going office-furniture hunting again, and thanks to your comments, I now have a more open mind. I really have a "vision" of how I want the office, and although it is small (14X12-ish) it will be my sanctuary. And there's a big closet, shelved out for all my writing files and research.

I went to Hobby Lobby this morning and bought stuff for the office. I just hope the furniture we buy for it doesn't take MONTHS to get delivered or anything like that. I would be very sad. 4 weeks, max. I guess we'll see!

I have to run now and buy a snack for my son's kindergarten class because don't worry I totally spaced it. Where has my mind gone?

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Lowa said...

You are pregant! Your mind migrated down to the placenta that is nourishing your little bundle of joy!:) You won't miss it. It will be flushed out once the child is born. If you are like me, you are only using a quarter of it anyway, since your other three each took a quarter when you were pregnant with them:)

I have been brainless for six years, since my last child was born. I have NO IDEA how women with more than four children function with no brain. Maybe their kids only take 1/8 or something with their placentas.

At any rate, you are doing awesome! I am glad you are so excited about your furniture! My daughter's kindergarten class doesn't get snacks, she is always starving when she gets home at 11:30!