Thursday, October 26, 2006

Happy Birthday Thing One!!!

I can't believe I have a NINE year old. That is just messed up. Bring on the Wrinkle Cream! Time is sure flying fast. Just yesterday she was being wrapped up like a burrito and being handed to me in the hospital. I looked at her for the first time and was like, "I made this thing?" It was very surreal. It still kind of is. ;-)

We just finished our waffles (a nice departure from the usual oatmeal and cold cereal) and the kids are home from school the next two days. We are going to carve pumpkins, play outside, and I'm going to bake a cake. White with Rainbow Chip frosting...her favorite.


The novel in my head is not being patient. It wants me to start writing. I woke up this morning to Hubby's alarm, and immediately grabbed the notebook at my nightstand and began scribbling images and a very clever description that had popped into my head during sleep. I'm dreaming about this novel now. It is BEGGING to be written. I just don't know if I have the chops to pull it off. I have to write about a place I've never been, and in my current condition, a place I won't be visiting any time soon.
I've lamented about this before. I am a stay-home mom with young children, and husband whose career demands much of his time, so "traveling all over the world" for research just isn't something I can do.
So I do the Nora Roberts Thing. I google the place my story is set in, and try to pretend I've been there. Which frankly takes a major effort, because I haven't sat in a pub in Scotland and drunk in the atmosphere, or sloshed around muddy country roads and smelled the farm animals. I have to "fake it." At least for now. And for as long as I keep having babies!


Well, I'd pick a sweet newborn over all the trips to Scotland in the world, but I would like to eventually VISIT one of the places my stories are set in, you know? But I digress.

I hope Thing One likes her presents! She's really crafty so I got her a bunch of scrapbooking stuff and yarn for making things. She's getting really good with her hands. She can knit a scarf in a few hours, if she sat still that long.

Ugh, the boys are screaming upstairs, time to break it up!
Tonight will be a Bubble Bath and Candles night!

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Michelle Miles said...

Aw! Happy birthday to your baby girl!

And hey - research is fun. If Nora can do it, so can you! :)