Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Like Rain on Your Wedding Day...

Two days you absolutely DON'T want rain: Your Wedding day, and Moving Day.

I had rain yesterday morning, but it finally cleared up. Of course now that they have all the cheap furniture in and are starting on the expensive, formal stuff, it's STARTING TO RAIN. Egads, when can we get a break, here?

Yesterday was a day of...interesting events, to say the least. There was the "we didn't put that hole in your wall carrying that large sofa down" event, there was also the mover who had HORRIBLE gas (sorry but it's true) and he couldn't wait until he was outside, he had to drop his bombs inside my home, and of course let's not forget The Bird Incident:

To Preface: I like birds. They're cute. I even like big birds, like geese and ducks and the mighty Ostrich. I just don't want them in my HOUSE.
I was standing at the front door yesterday (which had been taken off by the movers, so I guess you could say I was standing in the front doorway) and all of a sudden this bird flies into my house.
Needless to say, it freaked me out. I am NOT Costco. I do NOT want birds living in my rafters, you know?
I screamed and waved my arms like a madwoman (the movers actually stopped and watched me jump around) and I think I scared the sh** out of the poor bird because he started darting around like a possessed missile and finally flew right back out the door.

My heart was in my nose at this point, and my adrenaline was pumping. I had visions of hidden nests and poop on our heads during meals, etc. etc. and I was NOT GOING TO HAVE A BIRD LIVING IN MY HOUSE.

I'm just glad he found his way back out. He probably thought there was no way he'd be living with the Crazy-Screeching-Arm-Waving Lady.

So, other than a few mystery boxes and fear of getting struck by lighting or felled trees during the storm last night, it was a good moving day. I just hope they don't put any more holes in my walls. (Yes, I KNOW it was them!)


Michelle Miles said...

I hope they're insured and bonded. I'd be calling and filing a claim.

This last year whenever I've made a decision - leaveing the ex, moving in the apt, finding the house, moving into the house - it's rained. I'm starting to think it might be good luck. Now if it rains on my first official date with My Guy - then I KNOW it is. :) hahah

Oh and glad the bird departed the area. Yeah - that woulda been bad...

Lara said...

I guess I have to. It's raining fishooks and hammer handles and the second truck comes today...