Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sicker than a Dog...

Okay, what is up with this fourth pregnancy? I do NOT get sick with my pregnancies, but for some reason, I have been Nausea City with this one. For the last three weeks! And seriously, what idiot coined the phrase "Morning Sickness?" It had to be a man, because I have the ALL DAMN DAY LONG sickness. :-P

Okay, cursing aside, I want to feel better...soon. I was sick all through church today. I want to curl up and sleep it off. Hubby flew to California today, he won't be back until Wed. night. Now that he's doing what he used to do, he travels a lot more.

But he did do a LOT of laundry this weekend, like, seven loads for me. Go Hubby!

Thing Two is being a dork today. His brother was hitting him and I told him to tell him to stop (I was on the phone) and he went downstairs and I heard him say to his brother:

"Mom says you'd better stop or she's going to spank your bottom as hard as she can and then she's going to drown you in a bunch of mud and hang you up by your toes to die if you don't leave me alone!"

I had to immediately run downstairs and clarify to Thing Three (who is five, and whose eyes were the size of styrofoam plates) that NO, I did NOT say those exact words but I did say to stop hitting his brother. And I made Thing Two go to his room for lying.

Sheesh, what's next?

I don't want to cook dinner tonight. The smells would kill me. Maybe we can just all eat apples and crackers...

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Lowa said...

I hear you! Morning sickness my foot! Hope you feel better, soon. I have seriously thought of getting pregnant again mainly to lose weight. I don't keep food down the first few months, guaranteed. So I would lose a nice amount. But of course that is a horrible reason to get pregnant!

That is kind of funny what Thing Two said to Thing Three. Not, but it is. My Jock (my Thing Two) would have just screamed at Clown (Thing Three) and chased him through the house. YOu did the right thing by putting him in his room! Little turkey! Just pray this next baby is a girl, eh?? :)