Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Good Luck Indeed...

I am hoping rain is good luck on the Moving Day, because we're officially getting DUMPED on (fish-hooks and hammer handles) here in Pewaukee and the second moving truck is due any minute. And my carpets in this house are fairly light. (I have a feeling we'll be replacing them next year) Thank heaven the carpet is mostly upstairs. The first floor is mainly hardwoods.

So I am officially neck-deep in boxes. I unboxed all my fake plants and fica trees and my casual dining area looks like the Amazon. It's kinda fun. I got the great room unpacked and the brown leather sofas look awesome in there. One room at a time. My priority is now kitchen, then the kids rooms (easy) and then the Master.
Although I do hate it when all the great decorations you had in your old house now look like crap in the new house, because the style is different. Everything was Mediterranean before, and now it's all Rustic. I give up.

I need to gobble down some Cheerios before the guys get here. Today should be interesting, with all the rain. And we have a loooooooong driveway, and a looooooong walkway to our front door. And we're on a hill. The moving people hate us. It takes like five minutes to get from the street to the front door.

Oh well. Hopefully it will be over soon.

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Michelle Miles said...

Aw well. The moving people are hired to walk from the truck to the front door, yes? :) Hang in there, hon!