Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The POUTING PRINCESS and Other Stories...

Thing One (my nine-year old daughter) was in fine form this morning, fine form. The kids were to wear their Halloween costumes to school today, and they were all very excited. Thing Three was a Red Power Ranger. On with the costume, and he was running around flexing his built-in muscles and happy as a clam. Thing Two was Captain Jack Sparrow. We got on the garb, fitted him with a pirate hat and boots, and he was running around yelling "Argh, me hearty!"

Happy as a Clam.

Thing One? Well, she was a Medieval Princess. Her dress, I must say, is beautiful. It has a gold underskirt with a blue velvet overdress, and a pearl choker on the bodice with strings of pearls, and a high gold princess collar. So we get on the dress, and I have to give her "Princess Hair" which I was happy to do because you only get to dress up like this once or twice a year.

Then the problems started. She pouted because when she sat down the hoopskirt bulged out embarrassingly. (Or so she said. She didn't want to listen to my plea for authenticity.)
So we cut the hoop out of the slip. Then it was the whalebones in the collar. She didn't want it to stick up straight; that was embarrassing. So we had to cut the whalebones out of the collar, so it would lie flat on her shoulders. Then she was upset because she had to wear her glasses. Medieval princesses didn't wear glasses.
I agreed that no, they didn't, but half of them were blind, too, I'm sure.

THEN it was her embarrassing undershirt, which I, mean mom that I was, was forcing her to wear underneath the dress. You could see it peeking out of the neckline. I didn't bend on this one. I wasn't going to let her go to school naked underneath the costume so her ta-tas could hang out for all to see. I explained to her that the neckline was a little low, and of course, she pouted over that.
At least she didn't pout about wearing black leggings underneath.

Then of course at the bus stop she wanted to skip school because no one else was wearing a dress. I shoved her out of the car ( not really, but sort of) and she pouted all the way onto the school bus.
Why can't I have a HAPPY daughter? My sons are happy. My daughter is moody and grumpy. Especially when she feels like the potential for being "embarrassed" is high.

I am SO OVER the Pouting Princess. This next baby better be a boy. At least they're generally happy.

Here's a Happy note: My office furniture arrives tomorrow between 9 and 1pm! Woo hoo! I am SALIVATING over having an office!


Ann said...

This is so funny! I have nieces about 9 and 12, (Not sure how old Thing One is), and I can just picture them doing all of this. They say boys are more rambunctuous, but girls are emotionally fifty times harder.

Lara said...

Thing One is turning Nine tomorrow.

I am so in trouble!

Lowa said...

She sounds like my 11 year old son. He won't wear a coat to school (I recall you posting about this in the past!) gets up early so that he can wash/wet his hair and then hold his hair up against his ball cap in a certain way, with the hair sticking up and curved over the cap. Thus, after half an hour or so of him sitting in this pose, his hair is sticking up the way he wants! They are not allowed to wear hats to school, but he likes the "hat head" look!

He only wears certain clothes and refuses to wear/do almost everything. This kid is a rough one, has always been harder than our others. He is constantly either in his room, grounded from being outside with his friends, or scrubbing the house as consequences to his attitude/actions. I sent him to public school this year as a break for me from the attitude and as I suspected, it has gotten MUCH worse! But at least I only deal with it a few hours a day, as opposed to all day with no break as it had been! LOL

Your daughter's costume sounds GORGEOUS! I would have died at her age to have anything remotely similar. What is it with kids these days?? My daughter at six has things I would never have dreamt of having at 16, and she just takes it for granted.

Hang in there, Lara! BTW, I hear you on the bladder thing too. I got to where I did not listen to them, and peed when I bloody well wanted to! I am surprised they did not tell you this with your others. They always tried to pull that with me and I only fell for it with my first! LOL Good for you for peeing anyway! :)I am sure you are SO looking forward to the glucose tolerance test, eh?? I didn't do that with my last three pregnancies, since I puked it up all over the nurse during my first one! LOL Wasn't funny at the time, but I can laugh now:)

Michelle Miles said...

Rule of thumb: if they have ovaries, they're gonne be trouble!