Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Antsy Pantsy

You ever get tired of "the process" and want things to just "be done?" That's me right now. I am one antsy lady.

Granted, I am a highly impatient person to begin with. That's why I'm highly unsuited to be a Mother and Writer--two careers which require generous doses of patience, and long-suffering, etc. etc. I want it done, and I want it done NOW. I cringe whenever I have to let my kids lace up their shoes themselves, or when they take about 17 minutes just to get into the car, or when they can make a sandwich and a juice box last 45 minutes...AAACCKK!! Be DONE ALREADY!!!
(This is the Me screaming inside Myself, I never actually scream out loud) although I have been known to tell them to "hurry up."

So, this is me, with my writing. I absolutely HATE that it takes months to write a novel. (Research and crits can bog you down like no one's business.) The most fun I had in the world, was when I wrote an entire novel in a month because I didn't have to research any of it--I had an alternate universe that I had made up and so I didn't have to pause and check for historical accuracy or anything. It was very liberating.

But with this historical middle-grade mystery (and the other historical I'm working on) I'm slower than frozen molasses. I think if I got in my car and drove to the Grand Canyon and stood on the edge and screamed my guts out I'd feel better,. But alas, the Grand Canyon is nowhere near my house, so I just have to be content with letting the nervous energy come out in my writing.

T-0-0 s-l-o-w!!!!!!!

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Michelle Miles said...

GAW! I can so relate to this! This is me. All day, every day. 27/7/365. Ms. No Patience. I want it done NOW too. :) Hang in there, tho. The end result is SOOOO rewarding (with kids AND books, right?)