Thursday, March 23, 2006

Thursday, Part II

Feeling MUCH better. I took a 20 minute power nap right after lunch, and I feel refreshed.
To get myself in a better mood, I finished watching Jane Austen's "Persuasion" and absolutely fell in love with it. Ciaran Hinds was the PERFECT Captain Wentworth, and since I haven't read the story yet, I relished every scene of the movie, suspecting (but not sure) what was going to happen. Oh my HECK it was romantic! I'll have to see it again when I can.

I am a hopeless anglophile, so I love movies that are unabashedly British. This one is for sure. My Hubby, for instance, would find it boring and difficult to understand all the "britishisms."

I absolutely loved it. LOVED it! How have I not seen this movie before? It has been out for eleven years! Where have I been hiding? A rock? yeah. Same difference. (oh who said that!)

So I'm feeling much better. However I'm NOT excited about the warm weather spike. That means I have to clean out the garage.

Well there went that good mood...


Unknown said...

How can you NOT be excited about a warm weather spike???? It's snowing here, and I'm dying!!! Gah!

Lowa said...

Good for you! Napping and watching something you love.

Keep it up!