Monday, March 20, 2006

Snow Delay.

Well, much to the chagrin of my children, school is still in session, but we have the one hour delay. The snow didn't get to the depths the weatherpeople predicted, it rained most of yesterday and didn't really start snowing until dark. So, that's good.

So I'm making a "Saturday" breakfast and we're hanging out in our jammies for a while longer. Boy is the snow pretty! We got about six inches here, but in other parts they got a foot or more. Funny how it falls unevenly in Denver.

So other than the dry cleaners and taking the kids to school, I don't think I'll be running around that much. I am itching to get back to that antique gallery--I didn't have a chance to go through it properly last time because I had an impatient five-year old with me (who absolutely HAD to try and touch EVERYTHING, Ugh!) but I know I won't have much of a chance to get back before we leave for Florida. It will be weird, going from snow and wind and cold to sun and humidity (I'd forgotten what humid feels like!) and 80 degree weather.

We already went and bought the kids shorts and shirts and swimsuits, (funny it's snowing outside and all the stores carry spring clothes) and I got some warm weather clothes for myself. I'm actually getting pretty excited about it. But alas, I don't tan, I'll just come back with lots of freckles.

On the agenda today: Getting out at least 500 words on my middle-grade story idea, and researching Dragons. Then I'm on to Pirates. What fun!


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Shannon said...

Lara - It's Shannon Dickman. I saw you posted a comment on Karen's blog and had to say hi! I love your puts real words to my most typical of days. Email me sometime!
take care - good find at the auction row place!!