Friday, March 17, 2006


The Big Church Dinner is over. It was a huge success--we planned on 45 ladies and 40 showed up, so it was perfect.
I am completely worn out. I think I ran about ten places yesterday, picking up cakes, rolls, buying last-minute things--and I had to drag Thing Three everywhere with me, and he had a high fever. I feel bad, but I had to get it done. Luckily his fever broke last night and he's feeling better this morning.
I had to laugh--after the dinner, we were cleaning up and one of the ladies (not on the committee) went straight to the kitchen, loaded up a TON of the food and took it home for herself. After we were through being shocked, we had to laugh about it. But I was a bit miffed she took EVERY LAST ONE of the leftover Lion House rolls. Those things are to die for.

So this morning, I'm exhausted, but I feel like it went very well. I'm going to stay close to home and relax. But I want to use my 40% off coupon at Michael's to get that Xyron sticker maker--I promised Thing One I'd teach her how to scrap this weekend. So I guess I have to leave the house. :-)

Have a good weekend!


Lowa said...

I was on our committee at church for about a year or two and had a blast. Then I just HAD to quit, too much was going on. Interesting that the woman took all the food?? Wow. That took some nerve!

Have fun this weekend. I need to head to Michael's too, we need more artsy/craft stuff to do.

My day was lazy yesterday, the kids and I watched Pride and Prejudice. They actually sat there and watching it all, LOVED IT! ALL FOUR OF THEM!! YIPEEEE!! :) I want to show them the Colin Firth version, I liked him much better than the dude in this recent version.

Lara said...

I am watching P&P with my daughter this weekend--she's very excited! I tried to make Hubby watch it and he fell asleep. He woke up the last ten minutes of it and DROVE ME UP THE WALL asking questions like "wait a minute, I thought she hated him, who's this guy? What did I miss? Why is he saying he loves her? What happened to that guy who liked her sister?" etc. etc. etc. etc.