Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Cleaning the House

Ah, my favorite thing to do. There's nothing I like more than scrubbing bathrooms, mopping floors, and oooh...goody goody--my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE: Dusting.


The In-laws are descending next week, so I must clean. And I don't mean just clean, I mean CLEAN. Organize the closets, have all the laundry perfectly done, clean out under my kitchen sink (yes, mother-in-law actually got on her hands and knees and cleaned out under my kitchen sink once) and everything must be spotless and dust free. Beds made, bathrooms immaculate (I forgot to clean under the guest room bed once and they looked and informed me that there was a bunch of toys underneath it) and basically sterilize and sanitize.

I can't help it. They're clean freaks. Granted, I am not. I believe a house should look "lived in." I'm all for having the house look like it's out of "Better Homes & Gardens" but I also believe that closets don't have to be perfect, underneath beds can have dust (and sometimes, yes, clutter) and if my oven doesn't look brand new and my floors have a few spots on them, so be it. I have three young children and I don't force them to clean every minute of their lives. They are happy. I am happy. Our house gets messy. Life is messy. SO WHAT!!

Okay, I needed to get that out. But I am in the mood to Spring Clean anyway, so I guess it's good timing. Of course there are things I would rather be doing than cleaning. Like dropping a hot iron on my foot. Or getting a Root Canal.

But that makes me normal, right? :-)


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Lowa said...

Yes, totally normal:) Of course, do you WANT to be "normal"?? LOL

I just scheduled a well over due root canal for early April. If I can get it earlier, wanna come here and do that and I will fly there and clean your house before the in-laws come?? Six bathrooms and all?? GUess that would not fix MY mouth though, would it. Hmmm...

It is always more fun to clean someone else's house:) And I am glad you are the way you are. And I am sure your kids are also.

My MIL is like how your's sounds and even was when my poor hubby was a small boy. He has no memory of her playing with or interacting with him. All the woman did was clean. ICK! What is the point in having kids??? You want a spotless house?? DO NOT HAVE KIDS!!!

Lara said...

...but I bet you're glad she DID have kids!