Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A Mini Rant...

People are very judgemental--I've noticed...at least in my immediate geographical area. Granted, I'm Christian and conservative, but I also believe that its not our business to judge others, you know?
I shop at the local Super Target a few times a week, and there is a guy who works there, and I'm not sure if he's transgendered, but he has long black hair, and he wears very heavy eye makeup and lipstick (no, he's not Goth--it's definitely female makeup) but he has stubble so you can tell he's a guy. He's very nice, (he's helped me a few times) and I don't think much else of it but yesterday, I was at Target, and he walked by me, we exchanged smiles, and I heard the lady walking behind me audibly gasp. After he passed by us I turned around and she had this horrified expression on her face. "What WAS that?" she asked, mortified.

I immediately thought of a few snide remarks, but I merely said "It's a person who works here." She looked at me as if I'd gone crazy and shook her head, and went into the checkout.

This really bothered me. I mean, sure, the very first time I saw him, I did a double-take, (his look is a bit extreme, even for a woman) but this would be a classic case of judging a book by it's cover.

I've been "heavier" in my life, and I noticed that people weren't as nice to me as when I was skinny. It definitely gave me perspective--and a determination not to judge by appearances.
I was a good person--just because I was covered with a layer of fat didn't mean I was "bad" or "less" worthy of speaking to. I've been on the receiving end of prejudice, and it isn't a fun place to be. People need to take the sticks out of their rear ends and accept people for what they are...people.

OK--rant over. I got 1700 words in yesterday, so that was progress--the only problem is, I'm being wishy washy on the premise. I have a great story, but I can't decide on certain elements of it, so I've been working on two separate drafts, to see which one I like better. Yesterday I decided that I liked the Second Draft better, so I'll stick with that. The only problem is, I've hyped the First draft in my submissions. UGH. I clearly should have waited until I made up my mind. Well, I HAD made up my mind, but then I went back to this draft and decided I liked it better, after the fact.

(Am I scaring you yet? ;-)

Well, it's off to school with the kids and off to Target to get Pride and Prejudice. I swear, I should just keep a toothbrush at Target. I LIVE there...


Lowa said...

Oh I hear you on the Target thing. My kids and I are there MINIMUM twice weekly. We eat at the food area sometimes and it has gotten so that the people look at me and say, "Your usual?? Chicken Taco Salad??" I don't know them on a first name basis, but we talk and chit chat about things all the time. I go for toilet paper or cat little and come out spending $75-$200. EVERY TIME. I always see something we "Need". *sigh* Many things, apparently.

That is HORRIBLE what the woman did about the man working there. I am with you, Christian, etc but do not think of myself as any different than anyone else. We are all God's kids, who cares already??? How shallow is that??

I also hear you on the weight thing. It is AMAZING to me, how little attention I get now that I have gained some weight. Must have been interesting for you losing your's again, to go back to being treated better? I am not there yet, but do recall all the years I was slim. As I slowly started gaining weight, the consideration and especially any kindness from men has disappeared (which I kind of like, I sometimes got TOO much "kindness") and I find it very sad that people can be that way. It took me ages to figure out what the difference was. And I am still very slim compared with many of my friends, etc. Weird. People can be so odd.

I have asked very heavy people before where they got their top or something, because I genuinely like it. You can't believe the shock on their faces when someone actually just speaks to them and starts a conversation. They literally look around like "Is she talking to ME!?!?!" YOu can tell it just boosts them up, and I honestly just saw an article of clothing I liked and wanted to ask about it. Then we get talking about other things. Later I realize, oh wow, THAT is why they acted that way, no one normally gives them the time of day. DISGUSTING.

Ok, I am not supposed to be on here. Off to Target for essentials and Price and Prejudice:) Maybe I will get that at Costco??

Lara said...

Ugh, don't get me STARTED on COSTCO...

Lowa said...


I have not made it there yet. Don't have the energy anymore. Maybe tonight when I get my weekly "night out" on my own. Or maybe tomorrow...

I got P&P at Target!!! I was starting to get upset because I was so excited, I couldn't see it right in front of my face! LOL I got it though...*contented sigh* Oh, and I only spent $199 today:) Pretty good eh?? LOL

Michelle Miles said...

I *loved* your come back to that woman. Way to go! And you are so right.