Friday, March 17, 2006

I am SO in Trouble...

Friday, Part II:

So, I go to Michael's, and get the Xyron sticker maker (just the cheap one shaped like an "X") and Thing Three and I decided to get on the 470 and exit on Broadway, to see what we could see. (There's an "Antique Row" apparently with lots of bookstores and Antique shops)

Well, we're driving along, and I see this huge sign that says "Antiques" and so we pulled in and discovered the Colorado Antique Gallery. It's this huge warehouse where people set up shops with their antiques--and when I first got in there, can I just say I thought I'd died and gone to heaven?

I set out to look through the entire store (I was looking for an antique hockey stick to mount on the wall of Thing Three's bathroom) and I had him keep an eye out for the hockey stick, while I looked through AMAZING things. And the BOOKS!!! The first discovery was an elegant 1903 edition of Maupassant Short Stories, and the next discovery was a William Morris Binding edition of Margaret Mitchell's Gone With the Wind. Then came the BEST find: a stationery set. Not just ANY stationery set...
When I was eight years old, my mom got me a stationery set, and through the years, I have used it and kept it. In fact, I still have the holder with just a few sheets of paper in it, but I've had it with me for 26 years.

Imagine my excitement when I was sifting through some stuff and I found ANOTHER set of the exact stationery!

Here it is, with all the cards and envelopes and paper, and it is in MINT condition. Talk about a rare find...for me, anyway! I snatched it right up, and took it home, and called my mom to tell her about it. Of course Thing Three was mad that he couldn't find a hockey stick, but I told him we'd have to go back. I could spend an entire DAY in this place--it's HUGE! And I think it has literally everything you could possibly want--sort of like Ebay without the shipping costs!

What a perfect day...and what a fun discovery! I have a feeling the "Antiquing Itch" is going to strike again soon...

I am SO in trouble!


Michelle Miles said...

Don't you just LOVE to find stuff like that? My grandmother gave me this dresser, chest of drawers, and nightstand before she died. About 20 years later, I was walking through a flea market and found a lingerie chest in the SAME suite! I, of course, bought it. However, my niece is now using it since I got married and the now-ex didn't like it. Men. ;)

Lowa said...

That is AWESOME! I can imagine how excited you are!

What a neat idea about the hockey stick. My son is a hockey player and hockey freak and we are trying to re-do his room. Thanks for the idea, you always give me good ones! Of course, he has to share with his brother, but he likes hockey since his big brother plays, so I am sure he won't mind:)