Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Am I Bad?

I have all three kids in school today for three hours--and I'm sneaking off to the Antique gallery again. Not necessarily to BUY anything, but I just want to see all the old stuff. And perhaps find that antique hockey stick that is eluding me. I might settle for a rowing oar--I found a great old wooden one and I might stencil "USA" on it (Thing Three's bathroom is Sports themed mixed with Americana) so we'll see.

According to my friend Devon, Mercury is still retroactive or something--and shopping time is prime. So I'd better make the most of it! Am I bad???

---Caution--Nastiness--read at your own risk!

In other news, Thing Three has developed the embarrassing habit of being very LOUD while he goes number Two in the bathroom.We were at Carraba's the other night, and he "had to go" (right in the middle of dinner) and so we went into the women's bathroom and I stood outside his stall door, embarrassed while he grunted and groaned like there was no tomorrow.

I kept saying "don't be so loud!" but he said he had to.
And then of course once it's all out he has to make comments about it. My personal favorite was when he announced (very loudly) in the bathroom at California Pizza Kitchen that his poop "looked like the Number Eight."

Argh--kids. You gotta love 'em.


Lowa said...


My kids have never done anything like that. Hubby and I are more relaxed about bodily functions than they all seem to be. Not sure where their...don't even know the word for it...comes from. They don't seem to have as much fun with it as hubby and I.

If some character on a movie passes gas, belches loudly etc and hubby and I laugh, the kids just glare at us and shake their heads like "What are we going to do with these goofs??"

Enjoy the # shaped poop while you can! LOL

Have fun at that store, by the way. I am curious about what it would be like to have a few hours in the mornings. This has aided in our decision to put the kids in public school for a year and try it out again next year. I am anxious to know what a morning to myself would be like.

On that note, I am off to work on our model of the human heart, make sure their math is set out for them and get started on our study of "Colonial America". Wish I was out shopping!

P.S. Sorry that my comments are always longer than your posts.

Lara said...

Your comments are great. Sort of like a "blog within a blog." I always enjoy them.


ps--I HIGHLY recommend getting some time to yourself--it works wonders.

Lowa said...

Thanks, that is sweet of you! LOL Glad it is not annoying.

I DO get time to myself, the husband makes sure of that. Something we agreed on when we chose to Homeschool. But yes, I know what you mean. I am looking forward to it!!!