Thursday, March 23, 2006

*Yawn* *Groan* *Murmur*

Oh boy am I tired. Hubby came home last night with a project from work, and he decided he wanted me to "keep him company" in the office while he worked on it. Of course he was up until 1am (he claimed my presence was keeping him from falling asleep) but at around 12:30 I got a pillow and camped out on the office floor. Luckily our carpet in there is soft. I was out cold when he finished.

It's funny, when I was in college, I was such a night owl. I could stay up until 3am studying and working on papers, and surive on two to four hours of sleep. Now, I seem to "turn into a pumpkin" after 10:30. I get so tired! Gone are the night owl days. I'm not a night person anymore. (I'm not really a morning person either, so I'm pathetic). I have to get up at 6am when hubby gets up, because his alarm wakes up all the kids and they're all in our bed by 6:20, ready to have breakfast. Except Thing 2, bless him. He's our sleeper-in lately.

So, this morning, I am exhausted. And irritable. I've snapped at just about everybody this morning, and I'm ESPECIALLY annoyed that the cabinet guy is coming at 9:30, because he works slower than molasses and I have to sit here while he works AND Thing One has a bad earache and I need to get her into the Dr., and I have to wait until he's done, because I don't trust him alone in the house. And I've procrastinated buying a birthday party present and the party is today immediately after school and I have to drive across town to get to it, and then all the way back home, and then all the way back again, because I can't stay at the party because I'll have my other kids with me and they'll be upset because they aren't part of the party and they can't play on the equipment. And I have a laundry list of things to do besides all that. UGH.

This already has the beginings of a very ANNOYING day. I wonder what would happen if I just got back into bed?

Hmmm...the Universe might stop working...


Lowa said...

My hubby was up late still working also. The carpet in there is NOT soft, so there is no way I could stay in there with him. Not to mention it is right next to the boys' rooms, so any talking hubby wanted me to do to keep HIM awake would keep THEM awake.

YOu have three reasons that you are not a night owl anymore:) I believe you call them Things:)

I have found that on days like this, when I DO just refuse to do all that needs to be done, something AMAZING happens. Life just flows along and NO ONE even notices!


Lori said...

lara, that sounds like my yesterday. :)) I'd say you're doing fine. Look at it this way: resolve that you're just not getting squat done today. It takes the pressure off entirely. And take the other kiddies to the park or to a different place (McDonald's) so they feel less ignored.

Been there, done that myself. Hang in there! And next time hubby wants you to keep him company, tell him great! I'll be in bed when you're lonely. :))