Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Just won what will probably be my last Ebay auction for a while--

It's an 1100 page illustrated Jane Austen Library--it contains all the novels she wrote in her lifetime. Sure, it's more of a "collector's" piece (only 5000 were printed) but I've always wanted her works in one book. I got this one from the U.K. for 35 pounds. (I think it normally retails for 75 so a steal).

Jane Austen's books are timeless...and so perfect in their view of Human Nature. Although I will say that a lot of people are turned off (my hubby, for instance) by the language of the time. Someone the other day told me it's like reading the Bible--just too difficult to get through the language to enjoy it.

I am reading up on Dragons for my middle-grade novel idea--I thumbed through Dragonology and The Dragonology Handbook, but they're not as in-depth as I need. So right now it's Dragons: A Natural History, and Giants, Monsters & Dragons for starters. Then I get to research Mermaids. Then Pirates, then Fairies. This is going to be fun! The good part is, I'm such a bookaholic I have books on all these subjects in my own personal library. I don't have to go to the Public Library, and I don't have to drive to Barnes & Noble. Go me!

I am contemplating writing to the CEO of Half Price Books and telling him that they MUST bring a store to Denver. I am having major withdrawals, and I think a Half Price Books would do very well here. It can't hurt. I'll draft the letter this weekend. Not that one person's voice will matter, but if I have to get others, I will. We need more bookstores!

Time to pack lunches. Today all three kids are in school, and I did all the stuff yesterday that I was supposed to do this morning, so I think a trip to Barnes & Noble with my Alphasmart for a couple of hours is in order...

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