Thursday, March 02, 2006

My Daughter, the Tetherball Queen...

Hubby and I are having a small dispute. Let me explain:

My second-grader is apparently "Queen" of the Second Grade in Tetherball. She even beat a fourth-grader yesterday, which she announced very proudly.
I immediately was plunged into memories of my own Tetherball-playing days, from about fourth to sixth grade. I too, was the best on the playground. I remember Shelley Tucker, who taught me how to play, and I remember the crowning moment, at the end of the school year, when I finally beat her. She didn't want to be my friend anymore. Oh well. At least I beat her.

I remember begging my parents for a Tetherball pole in our backyard. BEGGING them. Of course they said no, they didn't have the money. So I tried to get creative. I took a jump rope and a milk jug and and tied it to a porch support, I even tried a tree. Nothing worked. I daydreamed about having a Tetherball pole in my backyard. If I got one, I thought, I would spend hours out there, practicing and perfecting my talent.

But alas, I never got one. I think it's haunted me my whole life, because now, I just looked up at Gart's and they have an entire Tetherball set, pole, ball and rope for only $44. I decided I was SO going to get it for Thing One, and put it in the back yard.

Enter Hubby. He is against the idea. I asked him why, and do you know what he said? He's worried that our boys will want to play Tetherball, a la Napoleon Dynamite --and boys don't usually do that.

Of course I laughed and laughed at this ridiculousness, but then I realized he has a point. So I told him we could put a basketball hoop in the backyard, but he isn't bending on the Tetherball pole. He thinks if its there, they'll want to play with it.

I think he's seen Napoleon Dynamite one too many times.

So, it looks like my daughter will have to suffer as I suffered. Ah, the injustice of it all!

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