Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I'm Tired!

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is out on DVD today! Hooray!!!!

I decided to be resourceful yesterday. Our interior designer quoted us an outlandish sum to get built-ins for our first-floor study--so I went to Target yesterday, bought a bunch of nice looking tall bookshelves, built them, and lined one wall with them. I got lucky, they match the desk that's already in there.
Then I added "stuff" to frou-frou it up (my hubby calls me Queen of the Candlesticks) like greenery and candles, and I unboxed all the nice leather books and got everything put where it needed to go. The other end is my "craft" area where I have about six chests of drawers with craft stuff, and my craft desk, and I cleaned it up.

So now it looks very elegant, and nice. It's a pleasure to be typing in here now! And it matches the rest of the house--no longer a pit! I had so much crud in here--it was kind of my "catch all" office for a while. Much more conducive to writing and inviting the Muse now. I even moved one of the nice leather chairs in and put some nice paintings on the walls. It looks great.

And now I'm VERY tired. It took up my whole day yesterday. Today is laundry day, and since I didn't do it last week, I have about twelve loads of laundry to do. FUN.

But at least I can get some writing done while I'm washing!

This is weird--we've been having GORGEOUS springlike weather--70's and sunny and everything, and we're supposed to have a snow storm tomorrow. Strange. My kids are wearing capris and shorts to school, and tomorrow, it will be dead of winter again. Hmmm. I guess I'd better go dig out the boots again!

Thing Three has a play date today at a friend's house--so I get a few hours to myself. I'll probably end up cleaning toilets, but the urge to go and use my 15% off B&N coupon is a little stronger than the desire to have a clean bathroom. :-)

Besides, now that I have all these bookcases, I need to fill them up! (heh heh heh, Lara rubs her hands with fiendish glee and cackles)

But I'll practice self control. Two books. That's my limit. Hubby will be so proud...


Lowa said...

You wouldn't post a picture of all the work you did yesterday, would you? I would love to see!

Funny weather you are having.

been meaning to ask - how has Hagan adjusted to the move, etc. And do you take him with you when you traval or put him in a kennel??

Michelle Miles said...

May I say that I looooooooooooooooooooooooove candlesticks? Glad you got your writing space back. :) That's important. and I'm glad I finally got to catch up on some blogs! I'm so behind!