Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Soccer, School, FALL... Oh My!!!

I still maintain that 2009 will be the "year that got away." Seriously. It's already August, my kids will start school in less than three weeks, and after know what happens. The weather cools down and we need to start thinking about Halloween, and then the SNOW comes and voila--2009 will be over!

The Lost Year. It's speeding out of control fast away from me, and I had lots of stuff I wanted to do this year! It's more than half over! Sheesh.

Soccer starts up again on the 18th, and I only have one kid in soccer this season. Thing One has opted out--she's officially done. But I still have Thing Three, rearing to go, and frankly, he's a soccer freak. That's good for me. Otherwise this blog would be "Ramblings of a Non-Soccer Mom" or something sad like that. (There's probably a blog out there titled this exact thing, my apologies to you.)

Baked banana bread yesterday. We had bananas that were practically black, and I hate to waste them. For some reason I didn't get them into the freezer on time--I save them for smoothies. I love the freezer. You can put almost anything in the freezer, and use it later. For instance, my kids love to make breakfast sandwiches with english muffins, but the muffins usually get moldy before they get used up. So, I get a freezer bag and freeze them as soon as we get them, and my kids just take one out at a time when they want to make a breakfast sandwich. 20 seconds in the microwave and they've got an english muffin, ready to toast!

Freezers are wonderful. I slice up cake and put it in single-serve portions in the freezer. I cook big meals and freeze them so I don't have to cook a big meal on Sundays--just thaw and bake. LOVE freezers!

Well, my computer just finished updating and is threatening to restart on me. Time to get going!


The Bean Cassarole said...

I got a book on how to freeze fresh fruits a veggies. I'm going to raid some of the local outdoor markets and utilize my dehydrator so that if I need a burst of freshness this winter when the blahs get me, I can just take some things out of the freezer and make yummy food. I agree, freezers rock.

My friend has an abundant crop of tomatoes so I'm going to see if I can make sun dried.

Seriously good stuff. :)

Unknown said...

I've been working my freezer to death lately, too! Mostly with baby food, but grown up food too! It's super small, so at least once a day something falls out and lands on my toe...

Michelle Miles said...

I feel the SAME way about this year. I blinked and suddenly it's nearly time for school? AGAIN? And I was going to write TWO books this year. Yeah. Didn't happen.