Monday, August 10, 2009

Church was a hoot yesterday. We had a lady talk to us about the "Great Apostrophe." (Sorry, inside joke only LDS people will get!)

ANYWAY, busy busy weekend. But a good busy. And we are separating our two boys. They will no longer share a room. They're too close in age, and they are total (insert proper plural swear word here) when they are together. We are DONE with letting them share. So, this week we're moving Thing Three back into his original room, but he'll share with the toddler. He's ok with that. He wants his own "space" back anyway. He's very different from his older brother, and frankly, he needs to have his own space he can keep the way he wants. (and not have his older brother's slob-ish ways infringe on his stuff!) And frankly, the toddler really only sleeps in that room, all his toys are downstairs in the basement playroom. So, it will work.

Things Three and Two are usually so good---when they're apart. So, we're trying that. For now. WHEW.

I am the type of person who wants everything done yesterday, so you know I'll kill myself today getting his dresser and desk moved back in. And I'll have to change the walls. I have his name spelled out in picture frames, and he has a sport theme which, frankly, clashed with his brother's nautical theme.

Well, time to run the kids to their classes! And run to the store. And the bank. And the dry cleaners. And buy school supplies. And and and...

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