Thursday, August 20, 2009

Insert Fabulous Title Here...

I'm late posting today, I've been battling a nasty headache all morning. I think the meds I took FINALLY have kicked it. I can't be less than 100% today. It's school registration (which at this point I may go to the Monday session) and soccer practice, and I'm going to help a friend move. Which basically means after the guys lug out all the boxes, we get to clean out stuff. Rubber gloves, anyone?

Oh well, I'm glad to do it. I certainly appreciated the help when I was young and first married and we had to move ourselves.

It's been raining all morning (started last night) but the sun has finally broken through. Which means it will be HOT and MUGGY/SLIT-YOUR-WRISTS HUMID. But Thing One and I are going for our walk when the baby goes down--we need it! (Well, I do!)

One week and two days. That's when school starts. Can you tell I'm sort of excited?

Time to get off my rear end. We need to buy shoes. Thrillsville.

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