Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Dreaded Open House

It has a lot of names: "Open House," "Meet And Greet," "Teacher Night," etc.. Every year, we've gone to the school open house. Every year, my kids have lugged their huge bags of school supplies to their classrooms, complaining the whole way because all their stuff is "heavy."

Then we meet each teacher (for about 3.5 seconds, because they're usually deluged with other children) and then every year my kids always beg me to stick around so they can have this teeny icecream cup in the gym and say hello to all their friends. But I usually make them get their icecream and we LEAVE, because the last two years the baby has HAD IT with being in the stroller, and I have had it with him. :-)

But all this is nothing compared to the greater problem: PARKING. Or, rather, LACK of parking. We are a K-8 school, and we only have half the parking we need. I have seriously parked three blocks away, before. And when I do this, it's always POURING RAIN outside. And guess what? It's raining and cold right now. Today promises to be just like every year. Figures.

Hubby has promised to get off work early, so he can go with us. It will be the first time. I am relieved, because at least we can tag team the two-year old, while we run around the school. So, maybe this year it will be different.

But we'll still have to park a mile away. Grrrrr....

I turned off the air conditioning yesterday, and had the windows open. It didn't get above 70. In fact, my kids went outside to play after dinner, and they came running back in to change into jeans. They said it was cold. I stepped outside. It WAS cold. In fact, right now, it's probably in the 50's outside. WTHeck???

My good friend told me she's already thinking about Christmas shopping. To that, I have one response:



Devon ellington said...

Hubby can drop you and baby off at the door, and then go and park. When you're ready to leave, he can get the car and pick you up.

Michelle Miles said...

MAN. I am so jealous. It's still in the 90s here!!! But it's raining today and we're supposed to get a cool front next week which means it's going to be in the 80s. :D