Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'm Losing My Edge.

You should have seen me in 2002. I was completely ADDICTED to Ebay. Seriously.

On any given day, I'd spend one to two hours browsing, looking for all sorts of stuff (mainly retired Stampin' Up! wood stamp sets). And I had bids on at least five different things, all the time. Packages arrived at our house every other day. I even had my "end of auction song" which was a remix of Rednex's "Cotton Eye Joe." I'd sit there and tap my foot, while the adrenaline raced through me and I refreshed and refreshed and refreshed the screen...because I was NOT going to be outbid!

And I was a sniper, too. I wouldn't place a bid until the last ten seconds, and it was something outrageously high, so I'd get the item. This practice only bit me in the butt one time, and I ended up paying $100 for a single stamp set. (ouch!)

Ebay was wonderful. Moratorium-ed movies? I could get 'em. Childhood toys and books I had fond memories of? Got 'em. Tea sets by the dozens? (I was going through a hopeless Anglophile phase). Check.

Now, fast forward to 2009. What do I buy on Ebay???

Nothing. Although I did buy two Gameboy platinum controllers the other day, because they are discontinued and my boys are rough on theirs.
In fact, I'm starting to SELL stuff on Ebay. And what am I selling? The very stuff I bought on Ebay, years ago! I'm cleaning house! Getting rid of the clutter! I am no longer a master Ebayer!

Sign of the times, I guess. People aren't bidding extravagantly on stuff, anymore. I've noticed. Those stamp sets I bid an average of $70 on are going now for around $30. People are desperate and unloading stuff. Saturation equals lower prices.

I'm losing my edge! Rather, I've overcome my addiction. I get addicted to things online very easily. Ebay, writing forums, gossip blogs (Popsugar, anyone?) you name it. But now that the kids are older and in school, and I have to drive them everywhere, things have changed.

I actually have to have a LIFE!!!

So, busy day today. Cub scouts, Thing One has an "Extreme Camping" experience she's looking forward to (good I say, I don't want her to be a priss) and SOCCER PRACTICE starts up!

For now, breakfast.


Devon ellington said...

I think part of it is that people dug a lot of really good stuff out of their attics early on, and now so much of it is mass-produced store stuff. There isn't as much quality material on there, and it's harder to find good deals.

I buy a lot less now. I might sell off some of my costume stock in the fall.

I've never been a sniper. I LOATHE them (no offense). I decide my top price when I make my first bid, and that's it. If I don't get it, too bad for me. But I won't get into a bidding war or sit around and wait until just before the end to put in one final bid.

That's time I could use for writing -- so I do.

The Bean Cassarole said...

Ebay is the devil, but I say that out of ignorance. I saw what it did to people (ahem) and it scared me so I didn't even try to understand it.

I can only have one computer addiction at a time and ya'll know what it is already. *hangs head*

Unknown said...

Ebay is out, Craigslist in in. No fees, no bidding. Just straight up buying stuff from strangers.

Anonymous said...

I love popsugar!