Friday, August 28, 2009

Okay, It's Cold.

I'm getting nervous. It's COLD outside! It's usually 80 degrees well into the end of September around here, and yesterday? FREEZING. 50 degrees in the evening.

We went to the Open House, and with Hubby there, it was a breeze. He pushed the stroller and took charge of the 2-year old, and we went late so we missed the huge rush and got to talk with the teachers, and FIND a parking spot close by (hooray!) and then we went to Culvers for dinner (yum!) and shoe shopping at Kohl's. Only because Boston Store doesn't sell Kids shoes. :-)

Hubby was exhausted, I could tell, but he was a trooper. Even when we discovered our darling ELEVEN year old daughter has a size nine foot--and a TEN in one brand. WTHECK??? Her feet were size seven a few months ago! Now they're a NINE???

She's got "my side of the family" feet. 'Nuff said.

I can't believe how she's grown. I'm going to pull out all her nice shoes she's barely worn, and her clothes (at this point half her closet) and pack them all off to Once Upon A Child. I was going to take them to Goodwill, but frankly, getting money for them is more appealing, even if it isn't much, it still will be SOMETHING. Does that make me bad? They're hardly worn, and they're "brands," so I am going to do it.

Thing Two is taller and his feet are bigger, but Thing Three is pretty much the same. Which is fine with me. He gets all his brother's hand-me-downs anyway. And they're in pretty good condition because Thing Two is a "clean" boy. He doesn't like to get dirty, unlike Thing Three, who can only wear things once. :-) So, it all works out.

It's only supposed to be 50 degrees today, and this weekend is cold, too. Hubby is going to Vegas on business so at least he'll be someplace warm. We'll be shivering in sweaters indoors, because I REFUSE to turn on the heat. Not in AUGUST, thank you very much!

This weekend should be good. I'm finishing up my friend's manuscript, which I am enjoying very much, and I'm going to start watching Season 2 of GG. I know, I know. But I have to have some guilty vices! Watching Ed Westwick is certainly one of them. :-)

Have a happy weekend, all!


Devon ellington said...

Glad it all went smoothly.

Hey, we all need to have a few vices.

Michelle Miles said...

We got rain yesterday and a cool front. Which means it was only 75 this morning instead of 85. SO JEALOUS. Send some of that cold down here!

Glad the open house went good and Hubby could help out!

Aimee said...

What's GG?

Lara said...

Gossip Girl. And I REALLY like it! I am soooooo bad!