Friday, August 07, 2009

The Escapee.

Lately, I've been spending about 80% of my time chasing after my two-year old. Why? Because he likes to run. And run. And RUN. We don't have property fences here in good ol' Wisconsin (I'll never get used to that) and if I don't watch carefully, he'll be three yards over and heading for the woods in a matter of SECONDS.

At church, right after the Sacrament, he wants to "run" in the hallways. And unless I ply him with tempting snacks or toys or activities, we have to oblige. Whenever I get out of the car, I have to hold his hand, or he'll run away. And parking lots make me nervous. There are enough idiots driving around who forget they're in a parking lot and they speed through, without thinking they might actually have to stop for pedestrians. Since I would not like my son to be reduced to a crimson stain on the asphalt, I hold onto him very tightly.

I don't like parks. He'll play on the equipment for about 20 seconds, and he's off. He wants to run through the grass. And when he realizes I'm chasing him, he only runs faster. Stinker. I chase after him when I want to change a diaper. I chase after him after we get out of the bathtub. I chase after him to get him dressed. The kid is a runner.

Luckily I have three older kids to whom I can say "go get him" and they'll run after him and drag him back.

It's funny, though, he doesn't like to be far away from me. He's usually right where I am, wanting attention. Until we get outside. It must be an "outside" thing.


I need to get my butt in gear and buy the kids' school supplies. Otherwise all that will be left will be unsharpened pencils and Hannah Montana folders.

Buying school supplies is actually kinda "fun" for me. But at the same time "not fun" because I'm not buying them for me. The "for me" part comes when they're all marked down 80% and I can get composition notebooks for 13 cents each.

That's when Lara gets to party!

Happy weekend, everyone!

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The Bean Cassarole said...

I have a "cassie party" too when that happens, funny what we have in common!

And for thing four, can we say track and field?