Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm an "Old Lady."

I got so excited yesterday, because I got a "Clinique Bonus Time" flyer in the mail for Boston Store. I was telling Hubby about it, and you know what he SAID????

"Well, you shouldn't be wearing Clinique anymore. It's for teens and Twenty-somethings. You should be using Estee Lauder or Lancome."

Pardon me? Yeah, I'm 37, and I may be "getting up there" in years, but I don't resemble the Cryptkeeper just yet, can't I still use the same makeup I've used since I was 25? I know exactly the colors I like, I am intimately acquainted with their powders, and yes, I do have to migrate over to Prescriptives once in a while for foundation because Clinique doesn't make a foundation that matches my fair skin tone, but other than that, I've remained relatively faithful!

But no. Now that I'm an "old lady" I need Lancome.

A)We'd have to remortgage our house if I wanted to start wearing Lancome, and B)I thought it was for "high maintenance" ladies? and C) Just for extra measure, Lancome costs an arm and a leg...and a foot...and possibly a kneecap!!

Maybe I'm a little spoiled. I bought a Cover Girl face powder for my daughter at the store yesterday, and about threw up when I smelled it. It smells like Noxema on steroids. And my daughter, who has been using my Clinique powder, thought so, too. UGH.

This old lady is sticking with her Clinique makeup...for a while! I'm not ready to age gracefully, yet!

Random, I know. But that's how I post. Whatever pops into my head. Today should be fun. I need to clean the guest room, mop the floors, deep clean toilets, mow the lawn, and get ready for a Relief Society "Training" dinner. Across town.



Devon Ellington said...

There's no age limit on products. Use what you like. I mix and match all the time to get the colors and hues and textures I want.

If you look in any professional make-up artist's kit, you find a wide range of products from all manufacturers -- even if they have their own named line.

Michelle Miles said...

What Devon said. If it works, stick with it.

I have to say though I love the Lancome mascara, eyeliner, and lipstick. Yeah. That's $75 right there. So I splurge every now and then. :D

The Bean Cassarole said...

I would have decked my hubby if he said that, playfully of course, but still!

If I remember correctly, you got me into Clinique, and if I also remember correctly, it's not for a certain age bracket, in fact they launched a whole huge campaign a few years back gearing it towards the older generation (that you are not a part of yet my dear). So tell the hubbs that if you are "old enough" to wear Lancome, then he should by the same rights be old enough to wear suspenders or something, lol!

That's a visual. ;-)

I'm more into the Benefit line myself, just get the lipstick though, it's so spendy otherwise, blah.

Unknown said...

Wow, who knew he was such a makeup pro? Maybe there's something he's not telling you.... ;)

Lara said...

Ooops--I forgot to mention his immediate boss is over the COSMETICS at Boston Store--so I'm sure SHE passed it on to him!