Wednesday, October 01, 2008



*ahem* Got that out of my system. Today I had to put hats and gloves on my children. The house is cold. I've been wearing my pashmina around. I'm craving a pot of Postum, from my soon-to-be-extinct stash.

I don't want the cold weather!! Although I love chunky sweaters and jeans and cute boots and all that stuff--I just am psychologically not "there" yet. Maybe because we had such a nasty winter last time, but I just want those "crisp" days of fall, not "freezing" days of fall...

So, I had a friend as me what my favorite things about Fall are. They are as follows:

1) Hay rides and Hay mazes (it was a tie)
2) Hot cider and doughnuts around a bonfire
3) Trees changing color
4) Halloween decorations (but NOT the gory/ghoulish/creepy/Night of the Living Dead type)
5) Mellowcreme pumpkins

That's about it for now.

I had a productive day yesterday. You can now "walk into" my walk in closet, my bathroom is scoured to perfection (why is it so HUGE when I'm cleaning it, and normal sized otherwise?) and my room and the workout room connected to it are all pristine. Dusted, vacuumed, perfect.

I'm still exhausted.

Today is Laundry day. Excuse me while I run outside and turn a few cartwheels on the lawn. At least I know for sure there aren't any covert "clean clothes" snuck into the dirty piles. I was the Laundry Basket Nazi all last week. My boys won't do THAT again! :-D

Well, time to do what I normally do...


Anonymous said...

It's part of the time-space continium -- bathrooms expand to torture cleaners and shrink when you need to use them.

I love fall, too! Probably won't get to put up my decorations until I return from Philadelphia.

Anonymous said...

I'm actually READY for fall, if it would only get here. Not for the rain, but the cooler, NOT humid days (it's been warm and still and muggy here lately), cozy sweaters, scuffing around the house in my slippers.

And since it's Oct. 1, we get to put up our big blow-up ghost on the front lawn. I like Ghosty.

Lynn Sinclair said...

I'm impressed at the number of things you like about fall. Okay, I'll admit fall isn't so terrible -- it's what inevitably follows that really sucks.