Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Last Day of School...

...until Monday, that is. The kids have Thursday and Friday off. Normally we would go somewhere sunny/fun/close to water--but the price of five plane tickets (and probably six, because we'd need Thing Four to have a seat because a "lap" wouldn't suffice) is just too pricey nowadays.

I read an article recently that claimed airports were on the path of becoming "ghost towns." With all the nickel-and-diming to death the airlines do these days, it's no wonder. Unless you have money to burn, it's not practical to lug a big family on a pricey getaway any more.

So, the kids will be home with me for two days. It will be just like summer--only we won't go outside because we'll all freeze our whateveryoucallits off. For some reason this week, there has been a strong, bitterly cold wind out, and it makes things pretty miserable.

We'll probably make a trip to Half Price Books, and watch a few movies, and of COURSE go to Target, because it's like going to Disneyland, and that's about it. I finally got the coupon for Thing Four's crib (that got recalled) so I need to go to Babies R Us and select another one. I am taking a spindle from the one we broke down so we get an exact color match. HIGHLY ANNOYING.


Halleluliah!!! Eureka! Whoopee! I finally have a plot for my story! Yeah, I know, it's cutting it pretty close since NaNo is in THREE days, but I got one. Last night after we put the kids to bed, I told Hubby I was heading to bed. I was tired. (I have a nasty head cold so I've been sleeping in the Guest Room--it's where Hubby or I camp out when we're sick so we don't pass it to each other.) I went into the Guest Room, sat on the bed and started writing notes. Plot notes. THEN the vital middle portion of the story came to me. I knew exactly how I was going to have things progress--and END. Now I just need to map out the details. That's the tedious part. I have pages and pages of names and made up creatures and "rules" of the world I've created. It's a pain to keep track of them all. But it's great fun, because I'm "making it all up" not spending my time in front of a computer googling or buying lots of research books just to ensure I get the details right.

This story will definitely be VERY NaNo friendly. Hooray!

--I'm also getting ansty about my submission. The publisher told me eight to ten weeks, and it's been SEVEN weeks. They must have one heck of a slush pile! I am really antsy to submit to another publisher, before the "holiday slump" happens, so I hope I hear from them soon. Granted, I would LOVE for it to be good news, but I am thinking since it's been so long I will be getting a form rejection any day...dang it...

Oh well. Expect the worst but hope for the best. That's my motto on submissions.


Anonymous said...

Target is like Disneyland? LOL.

Congrats on a plot! Aren't those such nice visitors?

Anonymous said...

It all sounds great. I'm glad you're so excited. I'm getting antsy, too, I can't wait until Saturday!

Sorry to hear about your head cold. Spicy food or cayenne pepper capsules help a lot. You'll sweat, but it'll break everything up and push it through your system.