Friday, October 17, 2008

I Survived.


I survived the long drive AND the Basketball game AND the drive home. The baby was an angel. I was smart this time and had lots of snacks and toys to keep him occupied. But mostly, he cheered for his sister! It was so cute!
Thing One's team had an early lead--8-0, but by the end of the game, with three minutes to go, it was 18-16. A real nail biter. ;-) Thing One scored the last hoop of the game, and it ended up being 22-18. They won! Of course we weren't on home turf, so the gym pretty much went silent when we won, but all the parents cheered pretty loudly to make up for it.

I am surprised at how well Thing One handles herself on the court. Then again, she inherited most of her dad's grace, and only SOME of my clumsiness. So she's pretty lucky.

The coaches decided to invite the team out for custard (here in Wisconsin it's all about frozen custard instead of icecream) which presented a problem, because it was 7:15 and my kids hadn't even eaten dinner. Luckily one of the moms volunteered to take Thing One so I could go home and feed the boys. It was so late I just picked up Quizno's on the way home.

Tomorrow is the last Soccer Saturday! Hurrah! I signed up Thing Three for indoor Winter soccer, because he loves it so much, but he only has games on Fridays, so it won't be too crazy. Thing One has her basketball practices and two games a week. I wish Thing Two was more athletically inclined. He's my "cerebral/fine arts" kid. He's just not into sports. They aren't his thing. :-( But he does like to swim. I need to enroll him in some classes.

I think the baby will be into sports. He can already give me a black eye with his bouncy ball from five feet, and he's extremely active. So we'll see.

I have kids coming over for playdates after school--fun fun fun. I bought Indiana Jones at the store and we'll watch it this weekend. The kids haven't seen it yet! I'm excited for them to watch it, because they love all the other Indy movies.

Happy Friday!


Nada. I wasn't able to do anything yesterday. I glanced at my stack of research books, but that was it. I am bad.


Michelle Miles said...

I'm glad you survived! :) And Quiznos sounds DELISH.

Anonymous said...

WTG, T1's team!

At least you acknowledged the research books....they won't feel neglected that way. :)